Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan

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Potential buyers looking for reasons to buy property in Kalkan will not be short of answers. This small, coastal resort delivers everything and anything in bucket loads, explaining why it is a favoured destination for many but in particular, Brits as revealed in a 2012 survey that said 96% of tourists were from the United Kingdom.

Sitting in Mediterranean Turkey between the resorts of Kas and Patara, Kalkan’s high-end reputation brings in loads of tourists via road, and sea who want to experience the typical seaside ambience of this exclusive Turkish town.

The region belongs to the Antalya province of Turkey but is closer to the Fethiye region, and with publications like Lonely Planet and the Independent Newspaper drooling all over it, there must be more to it than meets the eye.

3 Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan

1: An Exclusive Property Portfolio

Kalkan’s reputation for whitewashed houses and wooden shutters covered with pink bougainvillaea is only a slight peek at the property market. Many homes in the centre display this typical old-style architecture, but the real estate portfolio is more extensive than that.

Buy property in Kalkan

Smart, modern, and ultramodern villas with contemporary architecture take pride of place, and anyone who knows the Turkish real estate market well will testify as to its reputation as a luxury villa destination. Prices start at around £300,000 although occasionally resale properties come on the market for less.

Two key themes are common in most properties. The first is the detached status. A true Kalkan lifestyle demands privacy with your own infinity pool and garden. Second, the further inland you go, land gets higher so architects use this to their advantage. They often incorporate ceiling to floor windows to ensure full frontal and amazing Mediterranean Sea views. If upmarket living is your style, Kalkan certainly delivers.

2: A Plush Lifestyle

Kalkan’s property portfolio is not the only upmarket aspect of the resort because residents also tap into a luxurious lifestyle revolving around the great outdoors. We are after all talking about the Mediterranean coast that gets an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, so, locals make the most of it.

In the centre of Kalkan, a white pebble beach becomes the focus during summer, but for more sandy beaches, locals also go to Patara (20 minutes by car) and Kaputas (10 minutes by car.) Otherwise, Kalkan excels in high-end beach clubs like Kalamar, where you can be waited on hand and foot while lounging back and taking in rays.


Continuing an outdoor theme, after a day lounging poolside, many restaurants offer al fresco and fine dining options. Whether you want rooftop ambience or seaside placements, traditional Turkish or international menus, the restaurants of Kalkan always deliver.

Being a seaside location, sailing is also a favorite pastime. Hire a private yacht for a romantic rendezvous of the Turkish Riviera or jump onboard a traditional gulet boat for a lazy day cruise around the coastline. Whether you live in Kalkan all year round or visit just for holidays, gear yourself up for an upscale life of pleasure and indulgence.

3: Getting There

Getting around is easy, even if you don’t drive. To get there, Dalaman is 2 hours’ drive away, but Antalya airport, three hours away is another choice during winter. Of course, given Kalkan’s prestigious status on the Turkish Riviera, yacht owners can dock into the marina/harbour with 50 berths.

Kalkan also sits on the main D400 highway running from the entire length of the Mediterranean coast. Passing through the Antalya and Fethiye neighbouring regions, it gives easy access to nearby attractions and the rest of Turkey. Likewise, cheap and frequent local buses make getting around Kalkan simple, and for people who like to hit the open road, car hire is sold at the airport and within resort.

See for Yourself

As much as we can describe the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, the gorgeous climate and the ambience of Kalkan, there is nothing better than seeing it for yourself. Whether it is the cobbled streets, and traditional houses of the old town or modern villas with all-encompassing sea views and infinity pools in the new part, experience it first hand by visiting the resort on a week or two-week holiday.

During this time, we run viewing trips to see inside any potential properties that catch your eye. Alternatively, before you leave, let us know your budget as well as property requirements so we can send a portfolio of properties for sale via email.

Once you set foot in Kalkan, you can decide for yourself whether the reasons to buy property in Kalkan live up to your expectations, but we are sure, you’ll find out what all the hype is about.

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