Shock Snowfalls Freeze Life in Eastern Turkey

I’m dreaming of a white… Bitlis. Those in the town of Bitlis in eastern Turkey probably aren’t dreaming of a white anything after almost a week of constant snow brought day-to-day life in the town to a standstill. Anything or anyone capable of moving freely in a snowdrift of 640cm according to metereologists could carry on as normal, but for almost everyone else it was snowmen and snowball fights instead of work and school.

This type of event really shows the world just how vast and varied Turkey‘s climatic conditions are, and highlights Turkey’s potential as a ski destination. We all know the sun, sea and sand Turkey, but comparatively few people are aware that it has some of the world’s best ski resorts offering great skiing conditions for half of the year, and at half of the cost of the Alps. People are especially surprised to learn about towns like Antalya, which, for a few weeks of the year allow people to enjoy snow-boarding in the morning and beach-basking in the afternoon.

In fact, Turkey’s ski resorts are so virgin that you can’t really buy property in them yet, as there just isn’t sufficient appetite to warrant marketing or building such properties. It can only be hoped that such shock snowfalls in eastern Turkey can draw sufficient attention to Turkey’s colder face.