Spot Blue appears in Telegraph article about Istanbul tunnel

A recent article by the UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph, which outlines how the new Marmaray rail tunnel in Istanbul will attract more foreign businesses, features Spot Blue and includes quotes by Director Julian Walker, illustrating the firm’s increasing prominence in the region.

In the article, Mr Walker says: “In areas with stations along the route of the Marmaray project, property prices have already increased on the back of the imminent improved transport links – just as areas of London are already benefiting from the Crossrail project.

“This sends a message to the world that Turkey is investing heavily in improving its infrastructure in Istanbul and beyond, making it a more attractive place to run operations from and do business.

“Most British expats in Istanbul are there with work, as an increasing number of international firms set up operations in the city and bring staff with them. Better infrastructure, including transport links around Istanbul and beyond, and its exciting lifestyle, make it an increasingly appealing place for young expat professionals to spend time.

Continued Mr Walker: “Add to that the city’s proximity to Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and it’s fair to say Istanbul is on course to becoming a financial and trade hub for foreign expats, including Brits, comparable to Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore.”

The article adds that the Chinese government is planning a high-speed rail network that would connect much of Asia, and the new tunnel raises the prospect of travelling by rail all the way from Beijing to London via Istanbul.