The sky’s the limit for developing Istanbul and its impressive skyline

Modern-day Istanbul is gaining a name for its growing skyscrapers, following the release of an independent index that ranks the city as the world’s 22nd most visually impactful skyline.

The latest Skyline Ranking by research website Emporis also shows that Istanbul has Europe’s second most impressive skyline, after Moscow, which is ranked 11th overall. Top of the ranking is Hong Kong, followed by New York, Singapore, Seoul and Dubai. Istanbul’s position is a positive reflection of its real estate market and the increasing demand for quality residential and commercial property, both from Turks and international investors.

While Istanbul may not have the most visually impressive skyline, it can now match many cities for the volume of high-rise blocks it has. If the index listed cities according to the number of high-rise buildings in each, Istanbul would be eighth with 2,305. This puts it ahead of Dubai, as well as Chicago, Shanghai, Bangkok, Toronto and Mumbai.

According to the, the Istanbul has 183 ‘official’ skyscrapers, with the tallest building in Istanbul being the Sapphire Tower, built in 2010 and standing at 261 metres high. The next highest buildings are Anthill Residence 1 (210 metres), Anthill Residence 2 (also 210 metres), Spine Tower (201 metres) and Torun Tower (190 metres).

The Sapphire Tower has 22 different types of residential flats, with a total of 156 residential units. It is labelled an ecological skyscraper, making optimum use of natural resources. The foundation and subterranean floors of the building originally belonged to the Grand TAT Hotel project in Levent, which was not completed, and was later sold on for $25 million.