Toyota to invest another 150 million Euros in Turkey

Istanbul, 27 July 2012 – Orhan Ozer, Toyota Turkey’s General Manager and CEO, has announced that Toyota is to make a new compact car  along side the Auris hatchback and the Verso family saloon at its Sakarya factory in north west Turkey. The investment is said to be 150 million Euros and according to Ozer “Beginning early next year, Toyota Turkey will begin adding around 800 new employees to its workforce at the Sakarya plant”. Ozer went on to say “Our skilled work force combined with the fully implemented Toyota Production System is a major contributor to our success. Turkish workers’ loyalty and devotion to the workplace is remarkable. This is also evident in other automotive companies in turkey_national_football_team”>Turkey like Renault, Ford and Fiat”. Source: Invest inTurkey