Turk Telekom Reports a Successful 2017

A statement by CEO Paul Doany of Turk Telekom, the country’s leading telecommunications company, has revealed the company has exceeded their expectations for 2017 and are looking forward to continuing their growth in 2018.

From January to September of 2017, Turk Telekom achieved double-digit growth resulting in a net profit of 320 million dollars.

This has made them Turkey’s most valuable brands for the ninth year running according to Brand Finance, one of the world’s leading valuation and strategic consulting companies.

Employing just over 33,000 people, across the country in all 81 provinces, they are also one of the leading businesses adding to the employment sector of the economy.

Part of their five-year plan is an expansion of internet and mobile use. In 2015, having already owned 90% of shares in AVEA, a cell phone operator, they bought the remaining shares from Is bank for a staggering 330 million USD.

At the time, Avea held 20% of the market with 16 million subscribers. Turk Telekom has increased this market share but still wants more with a target of 30% therefore competing with the country’s leading mobile provider Turkcell.

Turk Telekom

Founded in 1840 as a postal authority, Turk Telekom started their first manual telephone exchange service in Istanbul in 1909, and put their first satellite into space in 1994. Privatised in 2005, they have concentrated efforts on a variety of products including internet, phone, tv and mobile.

Branching out into individual brands such as Turk Telekom Music, Play Store for digital gaming and Tivubu for satellite TV, they already have a leading edge as the provider for 98% of the country’s home internet connection.

Recognising that internet connection in the west of the country is above par, they acknowledged that internet in the east of the country has mass potential for improvement, and this is included in their five-year business plan.

Potential buyers of property in Turkey can benefit from a wide range of packages offered by Turk Telekom including Tivubu television from just 9 lira a month. Showing English and American programmes in a variety of genres including soaps, cooking, sports and up to 9 film channels, they also host National Geographic, History and Discovery channels.

Home internet packages can also be installed from 20 lira a month for 2GB to 10GB for 39 Lira. Home telephone packages start at 22 lira. Most packages require a two-year contract but can provide considerable savings with home internet, telephone and TV from just 51 lira a month. (At current exchange rate, this works out at £10.00.)

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