Turkey Announces Plans to Build Biggest Airport in the World

Turkey has recently announced its intention to build the best airport in the world in Istanbul. Once the €7 billion project is completed it will have an estimated capacity for 150 million passengers, and the project is worth around €7 billion. The tender for the project closes at the beginning of May, and it will be completed in two stages.

The intention is for the first stage to be finished approximately 42 months after the tender date, providing an airport with capacity for 90 million passengers. The company with the winning bid will have the right to operate the project for 25 years, and it’s thought various companies from Holland, France and turkey_national_football_team”>Turkey are interested in bidding. Once the project is completed it will mean that istanbul“>Istanbul has three airports. However Ataturk airport is currently running at full capacity, catering for around 45 million passengers annually.

Last year Turkey was the sixth in the world in terms of the number of tourists and was visited by approximately 30 million people. This year Turkey is expecting to see a considerable growth in the number of visitors from India, and is anticipating a 30% rise in figures. Last year around 90,000 Indians visited Turkey, an increase of 24% compared to 2011.

Most visited the country for leisure purposes, but there is considerable interest in conventions and exhibitions in Turkey. As a result the Turkish tourism office is working with India in order to organise larger events to attract more visitors. This year it will spend around $1 million on advertising, and will have an additional budget to help pay for joint promotion campaigns. Turkish Airlines also wants to double the number of flights between New Delhi and Istanbul and Mumbai and Istanbul.