Turkey Publishes the Property A (Allowed to Buy) List – Are You On It?

As regular readers will know, the Turkish government recently announced that it had drawn up the list of countries that would be allowed to buy under the new reciprocity-free property law. It took a while for the list to become available to the public, but we have it now.

As of August 6 nationals of 183 countries can buy property in Turkey without restriction, including as we expected the previously banned Gulf Arab states of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt and Bahrain. Russia, China and India were also banned by the lack of reciprocity but are also on the list of countries that can now buy, although the latter two need approval of Turkish Domestic Affairs Ministry. The also previously banned Turkic republics in Central Asia are also now allowed to buy.

Among the countries not on the list we have Cyprus, for obvious reasons. For equally obvious reasons Syria is also not on the list (it did shoot down a Turkish jet), nor is Armenia or North Korea.

Although on the list, Greek nationals are banned from buying in its bordering areas, all shore cities and istanbul_park”>Istanbul (28 cities in total). Azerbaijan (Nahcivan), Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, and Georgia are in the same boat when it comes to inability to buy in their border cities. Nationals of Palestine, Seychelles, Iran and Iraq are in the same boat as those from China in that they need approval of Turkish Domestic Affairs Ministry. Meanwhile Iranian citizens mus not have any UN sanctions against them and Iraqis must get permission from both Domestic Affairs and Foreign Affairs Ministries.