Turkey Shows Off Growing Prowess with High Speed Trains

It’s expected that Turkey‘s growing network of high-speed trains could save the country $800 million a year. By 2023 Turkey is expected to have 10,000 km of high-speed train lines out of a total of 25,000 km, and it’s anticipated this will have a considerable effect on cultural, social and economic development.

There will be a high-speed train lines connecting four major cities which are Ankara to Izmir, Ankara to Bursa, and Ankara to Istanbul. These high-speed lines will be capable of carrying more than 30 million passengers annually, saving around $800 million each year.

According to the Turkish transport Minister, Binali Yildrim, Turkey will be the sixth country in Europe to take advantage of the high-speed train technology, and just the eighth in the world to do so, showing the country‘s growing prowess on the world stage.

Apparently work on the Ankara to istanbul_province”>Istanbul line is already nearing completion, and that line should be able to carry around 17 million passengers each year. The project will decrease the travel time between the two cities to just three hours. The other two routes are expected to carry around 6 million passengers a year. In addition to cutting travel times, these high-speed trains are expected to be more energy-efficient and to offer increased comfort to passengers.

It’s hoped an additional 5.5 million people will choose to travel by train instead of using cars, reducing the country‘s dependency on roads and the associated costs. It estimated this will save around $160 million in total, and that less usage of foreign energy will help reduce the current account deficit by around $185 million. It’s anticipated that fewer cars on the road should lead to fewer accidents, saving another $571 million.