Turkish Airlines continues to grow

Istanbul 29 May 2012 – Turkish Airlines CEO, Temel Kotil, has set out his aims of building the airline into the biggest network of destinations, “Very soon we will become the largest network in the world”. “The purpose is very clear: like the Silk Road, we are linking everywhere to Istanbul.” said Kotil.  In the period January to April 2012 Turkish Airlines business class grew by over 50% – “This is huge growth” said Kotil adding “This means that we are very heartily growing, although there is a big crisis inEurope, which is our major market”. Operating from its hub atIstanbul’sAtatürkInternationalAirportthe company flies to nearly 200 destinations and its fleet is forecasted to reach 190 aircraft by the end of 2012 up from a 100 aircraft in 2006. “This was a small, 10 million passenger airline, with USD 1.7billion (sale),” said Kotli “This year we will hopefully have 38 million passengers and USD 7.8 billion” Source: Invest inTurkey