Turkish Airlines Going from Strength to Strength

In a press release this month, Turkish Airlines revealed that in the first half of 2017, they transported a record 30.3 million people across the globe. The airline that has won many awards over the years for its customer service, and business class departments, said the amount in June was a staggering 5.7 million, which was a 13.5 increase year on year.

All these figures are in accordance with their long-term growth plan to be completed by 2023, that will see them earn the title as the busiest and best airline in the world. Turkish Airlines is the national carrier of the Turkish Republic. Operating since 1933, the airline entered the competitive global market in the late 1990s, just as the internet took independent leisure and business travel to another level.

Part of their success is sponsorships of major brands. Golf has been a particularly fruitful area for them, having hosted the Open and World Championships which famously featured Tiger Woods. Tennis, various Turkish football clubs, rugby and other sports have helped the name to become globally recognised as a highly respected brand of air travel.

This year, they have also secured representative services of Morgan Freeman, who appeared in a Super Bowl advert. Flying in a Turkish Airlines craft, he appealed to “those of us who go out there with a sense of wonder.” This message was to reinforce Turkish airlines belief of global travel for everyone.

The timed release of their passenger figures also coincided with a statement that new flight routes have been set up four times a week to fly from istanbul“>Istanbul to Phuket in Thailand, therefore becoming the 300th destination, in 116 countries. At the moment, owning just over 200 aircraft, their brand vision is to own 450 by 2023, which will enable them to operate the world’s largest network of aviation routes across the globe.

Overall, it’s been a successful month for them, with the lifting of the laptop ban from the US and planned cancellation by the UK. Although Turkish airlines were proud of the way, they handled the security implementation, by providing business class travellers with alternative laptops to use while theirs were stored away.

Perhaps the biggest success this year though, was their response to a social media call to action by thousands of people across the world to help famine victims in Somalia. Being the only international airline that was flying to the capital of Mogadishu, they provided a cargo plane free of charge to help transport the food.

As well as responding to charity calls and events, the airline that is a key player in the aviation and economy industry of turkey“>Turkey, currently employs more than 20,000 people of various nationalities. With growth of more than 300% over the last ten years, their continued success will make them one of the most prominent airlines in history.

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Turkish Airlines