Turkish Airlines Posts Incredible 2012

Turkish national flagship carrier Turkish Airlines (THY) has posted a net profit of 1.13 billion Turkish Liras last year thanks to an increase in passenger numbers and occupancy rate. Off the back of this strong result the airline has ordered 117 planes from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, according to a press release on March 15.

THY’s sales volume hit 14.9 billion liras last year, an increase of 26% compared to 2011 and its real operating profit jumped 192 percent  to 1.05 million liras, as its net profit increased from 19 million liras to 1.133 billion liras – 265 million liras in the last quarter of the last year – in the same period, the statement said. The airline’s net profit margin rose to 7.6 percent last year from 0.2% in 2011, as its operating profit margin increased from 1 percent to 10.8 percent during this period. THY’s profit was much lower in 2011 due to its expenses for restructuration.

“We were honored as the ‘Best Airline Europe’ by the Skytrax World Aviation Awards last year, and we were in 2011 as well,” said THY CEO Hamdi Topçu, adding that the company had also been named “Best Airline Southern Europe” and “World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seat.”

According to the press release THY has placed an order for 117 Airbus aircraft, 82 of the craft have been finalised on the order while 35 are yet optional. Delivery of the order is scheduled between 2015 and 2020. The company’s fleet size reached 202 planes last year, and it will raise it to 375 by 2020 with these new orders.

The national carrier’s passenger number increased to 39 million with a 20 percent increase last year from a year earlier, as its passenger occupancy rate reached 77.7 percent, ranking it third among the members of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) in terms of number of passengers.

The international destination number also rose to 181 with 32 new destinations launched last year, bringing the number of destination countries to 96. Its total flight points, including domestic lines, increased to 217 last year, and THY became the airline flying to the highest number of countries.