Turkish Airlines rises above the competition as a world-class carrier

Turkey’s efforts to become one of the best connected countries in the world offering travellers a world-class airline were rewarded this week when national carrier Turkish Airlines was named best “Best Airline in Europe” for the sixth consecutive year at the highly acclaimed 2016 Skytrax World Airlines Awards.

This on-going success will help to reassure international property-owners and businesses that Turkey is on course to becoming one of the world’s most accessible places to invest. Property in Istanbul is especially attractive to international investors who benefit from Turkish Airlines‘ ever improving service.

Turkish Airlines also made the World’s Top 10 Airlines list, achieving seventh place at the Skytrax Awards, regarded as the Oscar’s of the aviation industry. It doesn’t end there, as the airline picked up the top accolade for the “Best Airline in Southern Europe,” “Best Business Class Dining Lounge” and “Best Business Class On-Board Catering” categories.

A short description on the Skytrax website highlights that “Turkish Airlines flies to more countries in the world than any other airline (105 countries over five continents) and now has a fleet of 261 aircraft (passenger and cargo) flying to 243 cities around the world”.

After the Awards, Turkish Airlines chairman lker Ayci pointed out that improving their service to the USA was one of the airline’s goals this year. Currently, the airline carries 6,500 passengers a day in the USA, said Ayci, but their aim was to increase this number to 10,000.

Ayci added that they are aiming to increase their recognition level in the USA, having managed to reach out to a third of the US population by participating in Super Bowl advertising. Similarly, Turkish Airlines received huge awareness in Europe recently, thanks to being the official airline sponsor of the EURO 2016 tournament.