Turkish Airports Continue Exceptional Growth

Traffic through Turkish airports is continuing to grow strongly according to the latest data. Anna.Aero, the airline data collation website has just published stats for January, which show incredible growth across Turkish airports.

Dalaman was the best performer with passenger numbers up 41.1% year on year from 22,555 last January to 31,817 passengers this year. This is almost twice the growth rate of the next best and Istanbul‘s hottest performer in January, which is surprisingly Istanbul Ataturk and not newbie Sabiha Gocken. Passenger numbers at both airports in Istanbul continued to grow in January with Istanbul Ataturk up 25.8% to 2.945m passengers and Sabiha Gocken up 9.8% to 993, 702 respectively.

Antalya airport also saw noteworthy growth of 14.9%, with 615,166 passengers travelling through the airport this January compared to 535,470 last year.

In total across all Turkish airports the growth was 17.2% to 7.41m passengers this January, from 6.33m passengers in 2011. Year on year growth for 2011 was 14.2%, in 2010 growth was 20.1% and in 2009 traffic grew. This is compared to growth of just 7.3% in 2009, showing that the slowdown in Turkish air travel was very short-lived indeed.

Back to the here and now Turkey‘s best performing airport Dalaman was also the 4th best performing in the world in January according to the data. The three airports that saw faster growth were Luxembourg with 66.1%, Oulu with 42.2% and Bulgaria’s Bourgas with an incredible 152.8% growth.