Turkish-Greek Tourism Forum Increases Ties between Two Countries

A Turkish-Greek tourism forum was recently held in Ankara and garnered considerable interest from Turkish and Greek officials and business-people. It’s anticipated the forum will help increase the flow of tourists between Greece and Turkey through increasing cooperation between travel agencies in the two countries. The Greek ambassador was also hopeful the forum would help increase ties in other sectors other than just tourism.

Turkey has become something of a success story in the field of tourism, especially as it has largely managed to avoid the effects of the economic crisis, and the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies was keen to point out that Turkey and Greece were not in competition with each other, and that corporation could help them compete with other countries.

The forum also touched upon the subject of visa requirements for the Turkish people, and asked Greece to remove the barriers put forward by the Schengen visa requirements. In return Turkey will make it easier for Greeks to visit Turkey, especially businesspeople. The president of the Turkish Association of Travel Agencies feels the onus is on the Greeks to lift these barriers to economic relations, but feels it is Turkey‘s duty to send tourists to Greece. Both countries view strengthening ties as being important to help promote their international image while promoting the tourism sector in both Greece and Turkey.

A Turkey-Greece business forum was also recently held in istanbul“>Istanbul at the beginning of March. The forum was to increase cooperation between the two countries in various sectors including IT, banking, plastics, pharmacy, fishery, cosmetics and agricultural practices. Prime ministers from both countries attended the forum.