UK Due to Help Turkey with EU Bid

The UK recently announced it would support Turkey’s bid to join the EU during a visit to the country’s by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. The UK will help Turkey bring its judiciary up to the standard required by the European Union.

In order to achieve this, a project will be launched to help raise awareness amongst lawyers in Turkey, and will concentrate on fundamental rights and judicial affairs in the EU. The cost is to be met by a fund set up specifically to support the enlargement of the European Union.

Britain is supportive of Turkey’s bid for EU membership as it feels Europe will benefit from the inclusion of such a large emerging market. However even though Turkey has taken steps towards the necessary reforms, it still has quite some way to go. Clegg was also in Turkey to lead a trade push between the two countries, especially as a number of Turkish brands have already become well established in Britain.

For instance, the FA Cup is sponsored by Turkish kitchen firm Beko, and Manchester United is sponsored by Turkish Airlines. Many British brands are also familiar to Turkish customers, including Vodafone and Tesco. The aim is to double bilateral trade between Britain and Turkey by 2015, something that seems eminently achievable.

Turkey has tripled its GDP during the last decade, and there is little doubt the country has great potential that can only benefit those countries who take advantage of growing foreign trade relations. Turkey has worked hard at fostering trade relations with numerous countries over the past couple of years.