Urban Renewal Programme Under Starter’s Orders

Turkey is about to embark on a $100 billion urban renewal programme, which will reinforce or demolish buildings susceptible to earthquakes.

It’s due to begin in Istanbul in either April or May, and the transformation will encompass four major districts within the province.

The bill for the project was recently passed by a Parliamentary subcommittee, so once it is approved and becomes law residents whose properties fall within the scope of the legislation will be given just 30 days to evacuate their homes.

The aim is to rebuild hazardous structures within the province and other selected provinces this spring.

Other provinces set to receive priority under this renewal programme include Bursa, Izmir, Burdur, Mersin, aydin“>Aydin, Adiyaman, Giresun, and Balikesir.

The total cost of the whole project is estimated to be around $400 billion, and will take between three and 20 years to complete.

Apparently some residents have already applied to have their homes reinforced as part of this urban transformation project, and around 110 municipalities have submitted detailed studies asking for assistance from the Ministry.

The urban transformation project was announced last October following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the eastern province of Van. The Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan also announced the government wouldn’t tolerate any more illegal construction, and any buildings susceptible to earthquakes would either be reinforced or demolished.