Visitors to Turkey will need to go on-line for their visas in 2014

Travellers to Turkey, including second homeowners, are being advised that from Spring next year they will need to go on-line to get their visa for entry into the country.

Earlier this year, Turkey introduced its new e-visa system, which allows for applications and visa fees to be paid online in advance of arriving in the country. The new scheme has been run alongside the old passport stamp process but the government has now announced that from 10th April 2014, visas will only be available on-line.

To get their e-visa, applicants need to simply log on to and provide the information requested of them. If the application is approved, the applicant will then be requested to pay their visa fee online by credit card after which they will be e-mailed their visa which can then be downloaded and printed out. The entire process is stated to take less than ten minutes.

Travellers will be required to show their e-visa to airport officials and customs officers and will need to carry it throughout the duration of their travel. Applicants via the e-visa system will only be eligible to receive visas for trade or tourism purposes. Those who will be applying for long-term work or study visas will still need to do so through the Turkish embassies or consulates abroad.

The price of a tourist e-visa will remain £10 and will be valid for 90 days within 180 days. Residents or homeowners who spend long periods in Turkey, the better option will be to buy a residence permit.

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