Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

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Knowing where to buy property in Istanbul is the key to making a wise investment. As Turkey’s leading city in terms of population, infrastructure, business, tourism, education, and health, it is expanding with recent trends and developments emerging all the time. Over the last ten years, expansion on the European side has boosted its real estate market and bought in many foreign buyers and investors from overseas.

Anyone entering Istanbul’s real estate market has 39 official districts to choose from, including the Asian and European side. This can seem a daunting choice, but if you know your exact reasons for buying, it narrows down the candidates. For example, anyone looking at buy-to-let investments would do well to consider the Fatih and Beyoglu districts. Both are the hubs of new and old Istanbul and favourite tourism spots.

The Sariyer area has an extensive portfolio of luxury homes and the Kilyos neighbourhood is perfect for those looking at places near the beach. Meanwhile, budget buyers will like Esenyurt that offers affordable prices per square meter. The following districts are some of the most prominent, and for excellent reasons. This list should also give you some ideas of places for a wise property investment.

Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

1: Famous Besiktas

The name Besiktas is known all over Turkey, because of its high-ranking football team, but also because the area carries with it, a prestigious reputation. Sitting on the European shores of the Bosphorus, its residential atmosphere makes it ideal for families, and working professionals prefer it because of the Levent business neighbourhood. Everything you could want is in Besiktas, including an excellent transport system, shops, and a delightful nightlife scene. The Ortaky area is most noted for its waterside mosque that often appears in travel magazines. Bebek, the other well-known neighbourhood is an ideal place to look for luxury property.


2: Esenyurt – European Istanbul

Esenyurt’s inland location lends weight to affordable property prices, and homebuyers have the best of both world’s because new developments feature the latest in lifestyle residence facilities. Examples include swimming pools, gyms, saunas, on-site restaurants, and shops, walking paths, landscaped gardens and Turkish hammams. Well connected to Istanbul city centre through metro and bus lines, it is also flanked by two highways, making this a destination is away from the hustle and bustle, yet close enough for convenience. A residential feel and four parks make it ideal for families, but it attracts a broad spectrum of buyers thanks to the new properties and good prices.

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3: Beylikduzu: Property Hotspot

For a seaside location, look at Beylikduzu that also attracts investors thanks to new developments and capital appreciation potential. Places like Gurpinar lure locals at the weekend who want to relax with a sea view but Beylikduzu has also done an excellent job of protecting green spaces, hence hasn’t suffered the concrete jungle effect that others places have. With prices of property starting at 350,000 to 400,000 Turkish lira and a lucrative exchange rate, this is another area attracting much foreign interest.

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4: Kucukcekmece –Lake Neighbourhood

Facing the Marmara Sea, Kucukcekmece is another popular area. Its geographical position next to an enormous lake and as the starting point for the planned Istanbul canal route has attracted many investors. There are 21 neighbourhoods to choose from although Yarimburgaz consist of mainly caves that are protected for archaeological reasons. Buying in Kucukcekmece is ideal if you want a seaside location, an impressive transport network, and a vast range of shops.

5: Sancaktepe in Asian Istanbul

Sancaktepe is an excellent choice for international home buyers because it sits just a 20-minute drive from the main Sabiha Gokcen airport. Another reason it is popular is that an enormous part is forested land, hence provides alternative views in what is Turkey’s biggest urban landscape. Within the park is picnic facilities and walking trails. Formed in 2008, it is a quick drive to the Uskudar ferry port if you want to get across to the European side. Once again, many properties for sale are new developments, some of which are architecturally pleasing on the eye and include lifestyle facilities.

6: Buyukcekmece

Sitting further up the coastline and with a population of 380,000, Buyukcekmece used to be a favourite weekend haunt for people from the heart of Istanbul. That trend continues today, and many also buy new-build holiday homes in the area to use during summer. This trend is easy to explain given Buyukcekmece has 26 kilometres of coastline that includes restaurants, bars, and shops, hence attracts tourists.

7: Tarabya for Luxury Homes

Sitting in the Sariyer district, Tarabya is an exclusive, prestigious neighbourhood that used to be home to many foreign embassies. People from around Istanbul, often head to Tarabya for the nightclubs and seafood restaurants known for their excellence. Even though Tarabya reputation engulfs luxury and the pursuit of leisure, it has also become one of the most desirable places for families. Tarabya is also close to places like Nisantasi, an upmarket and popular shopping area.

8: Beyoglu

Beyoglu, the heart of new Istanbul encompasses the long Istiklal Avenue, Turkey’s longest and busiest street. Anyone buying property here will find a fast-paced, never stop ambience. Given that it is already built up, most properties for sale are resale homes, some of which reflect the bygone eras when art nouveau style architecture was the trend. Beyoglu is timeless and classic, and for investors looking for a rental income, it is an excellent place to start, especially in the Cihangir neighbourhood.

9: Kadikoy: A Transport Hub

Sitting next to Uskudar on the Asian side, Kadikoy is another essential hub, mostly for its ferry connections to the Princes Islands and the European side. Although properties near the coastline fetch a hefty price, other neighbourhoods further inland present lots of choices. Everything you could want is in Kadikoy, including a vibrant social scene, shopping choices, good transport network and easy access to the Sabiha Gokcen airport. As more people seek to discover areas of Istanbul away from the usual tourism haunts, its popularity is rising.


10: Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy on the European shores is one of the oldest residential districts, and popular with middle-class families. Known for its excellent shopping facilities, it is also home to Turkey’s largest horse racing track. The section contains everything you need for day to day living, but should you want to visit the Beyoglu hotspot, it is 30 minutes’ drive away. Neighbourhoods to choose from include Atakoy, Florya, Yesilkoy and Yesilyurt. Bakirkoy is also a commercial hub, with many companies basing their head offices there.

11: Atasehir: Family Friendly

Sitting on the Asian side, Atasehir is a business district, yet the large concentration of schools also attracts families. Likewise, for the university that lures students who look for property to rent. Atasehir has several world-class shopping malls that often attract people from the surrounding districts. Its location near two motorways, makes it easy to get to other neighbourhoods and its reputation has a skyscraper, satellite city attracts much admiration.

12: Zeytinburnu

Just beyond the walls of the ancient city, Zeytinburnu has several historical landmarks to boast about. Once known for its lucrative leather industry, this has died out now, yet several textile clothing factories provide the major source of income for locals. House buyers have 13 neighbourhoods to choose from, of which the Merkez Efendi, named after a vital scholar is the most sought after.

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