villas for sale in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados

Barbados is paradise on earth; imagine palm-fringed beaches and lush green landscapes in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados. This location will offer you the exotic lifestyle you deserve and more. This is where to begin your Caribbean search for your overseas property.


    What is Westmoreland in St James, Barbados like?

    The magnificent Westmoreland estate is nestled in exotic landscaped grounds in the beautiful parish of St James. It offers a rare combination of intimacy, luxury, and outstanding service for both homeowners and guests, an exclusive five-star golf course, beach, marina, and spa holiday destination. The superbly designed properties and excellent position of the estate attract high-profile celebrities and discerning people worldwide. Westmoreland exceeds any desire for someone with a taste for comfortable living.

    Barbados is a tropical island, with Bridgetown as its capital, situated in the eastern Caribbean group of islands. It is divided into eleven parishes: the Church of Christ, Saint Philip, Saint Michael, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Thomas, Saint Joseph, Saint James, Saint Andrew, Saint Peter, and Saint Lucy. In the parish of Saint Michael, the capital of Bridgetown, the most picturesque and upmarket parish is Saint James, situated on the island’s west coast. For those who enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle and all it offers, property for sale in Westmoreland in St James, Barbados boasts spectacular sea views. It’s just 19.5 Km (12.12 Miles) from the airport and 10 Km (6.21 Miles) from Bridgetown.

    What is there to do in Westmoreland in St James, Barbados?

    Caribbean beaches

    In particular, beach lovers would thrive on pure white sandy beaches gazing out over the cool Caribbean Sea to relax and take in the picturesque sea views. Along the coast of Saint James are the pretty bays of Payne’s Bay, Sandy Road, and fishing villages, and the first British settlement in the 17th century was in an area called Holetown in Saint James. The name does not do it justice, but it has small ancient churches constructed everywhere from stone and again from colonial-style houses.

    Nightlife and shopping in the Caribbean

    Holetown’s nightlife is vibrant and has plenty of designer stores for the keen shopper. Investment in Caribbean houses won’t disappoint, with all the beaches and sightseeing you can do.

    Barbados sailing week

    The Caribbean racing season’s opening regatta is now known as the Round Barbados Sailing Week, replacing its former title, the Mount Gay Round Barbados Series. It takes place each January.

    Holetown Festival

    The Holetown Festival is held in Holetown, Barbados, and on February 17th, 1627, marks the anniversary of the first English settlement in Holetown. The week-long celebration takes place during mid-February each year and involves various events that highlight Barbados’ culture and traditions. Folk singing and dancing, sports and games, street parades, markets, and food stalls offering traditional Barbadian cuisine are among the activities.

    Nidhe Israel Synagogue

    Established in 1654, it is now a building of the National Trust (in Barbados), a museum now containing historical objects, and one of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere.

    Botanical Gardens

    Picturesque palm-fringed beaches and botanical gardens, and plantation houses are featured on the island. It is part of the British Commonwealth and, along with afternoon tea, the British tradition of cricket is the national sport of Barbados. Property for sale in Barbados is a significant investment to make.

    What property types are there in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados?

    Houses, apartments, villas, flats, penthouses, townhouses, bungalows, mansions, colonial-style homes, and bespoke villas. Real estate for sale in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados are the stuff dreams are made of. Which property type will you choose in your Barbados search?

    What are the villas in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados like?

    Real estate for sale in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados provides beautifully constructed luxury villas built to the highest possible standards. In a naturally lush and exotic setting, the projects are set on large sprawling estates that offer a feeling of space and independence. Once again, colonial-style villas are prevalent with white buildings immaculately preserved, offering the idyllic escape to villas buyers for sale in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados.

    Villas for sale in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados start from three and four-bedroom villas with balconies and terraces with an expansive living space outside. It is the ideal place to sit away from the midday sun in the warmth of the shade, and enjoy the expansive views of the Caribbean Sea. Large living rooms and dining areas create light open spaces.

    What are the villa estates like in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados?

    The estate will have a huge communal swimming pool, landscaped gardens with seating areas where owners can spend a lovely afternoon reading or talking. The facilities are excellent, with a fully equipped gym and fitness centre, tennis courts, a spa, and a private beach. A Robert Trent Jones Junior premium championship golf course is also on the estate for you to take advantage of, or if you choose to shop, designer labels and well-known brand names are waiting for you all within walking distance of your new home.

    The villas’ setting is discreet and is set along the fairways, at the 12th hole and the Caribbean Sea, with fabulous views of the championship golf course. Many villas have private swimming pools of their own and are all located in mature leafy gardens. The windows are floor to ceiling, sliding glass doors that carry the world into your house, giving you every chance to see the panoramic views. Extras such as carports or more roof terraces may be added.

    Bespoke villas in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados

    This gives anyone who can call this part of Barbados home a beautiful bespoke property; this is paradise and idyllic lifestyle investment. You can have a bespoke villa designed for you in this tropical climate, and there is an option of five designs. Each is spacious, bright, and airy, and they start from a modest four and five bedrooms to a palatial size offering seven bedrooms, with a luxurious swimming pool and sundecks in each bespoke villa.

    Why you should buy a villa in Westmoreland, St James, Barbados?

    The answer is why you wouldn’t! If you are searching for an enriched lifestyle by the Caribbean Sea this investment is for you, enjoy!