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Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol is a city on the southern coast of beautiful Cyprus. It is one of the leading tourist destinations in Cyprus as well as being the second largest city after the capital Nicosia. Apart from its beautiful beaches Limassol has an important sea port which is a commercial hub and cruise ships dock there and bring thousands of tourists throughout the year. Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus is on the keen investor’s radar. Recent improvement’s and renovation projects that have taken place, has given Limassol a more cosmopolitan feel especially to the old port and old town areas. The historic old centre is where most tourists head to and here is an avid investors dream.

Limassol Castle is from medieval times and was rebuilt around 1590 by order of the Ottomans. You can climb to the top of the castle and take in the panoramic views as it’s close to the old harbour in the historical centre, plus the Cyprus Medieval Museum is located here. The museum is filled with fascinating antiquities and treasures, plus it has exhibits of tombstones and pottery collections dating back hundreds of years. Along the promenade at the sea front is the Prokymea (Molos) Sculpture Park, here you can marvel at 20 large sculptures by international artists and of course, well-loved Greek and Cypriot sculptors. If Roman and Neolithic exhibits are more to your taste visit the Limassol Archaeological Museum in the northeast area of the city. The Museum was founded around 1948 and it exhibits statues, art and relics from old settlements, it’s not a large museum but it’s interesting.

Buyers who wish to invest in properties in Limassol, Cyprus are not only buying a delightful property they are buying in a historic region with many interesting features along with beautiful beaches. The beaches of which there are many, are vastly different with most having been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status, meaning they are clean and safe. Some are small and intimate set in beautiful bays and others are large and sprawling which attracts most holiday makers with families. They are wide expanses of beach and several kilometres in length. The beaches can have small bars and restaurants close by or bustling beach bars that attract a young crowd with guest DJs playing the latest summer sounds. Real estate for sale in Limassol, Cyprus appeals to all ages from young to retirement age due to the diverse areas within the city.

Limassol, Cyprus property for sale offers chic apartments to contemporary villas it all depends what your budget is. Apartments offer a wonderful base especially if this is going to be a holiday home to explore Cyprus and enjoy fantastic holidays here. Apartments usually start from 1-3 bedrooms with private balconies or terraces. They can be in small blocks with a communal pool or sprawling blocks with several communal pools, landscaped gardens and other on-site facilities such as children’s play area and private off road parking.

 The more exclusive/luxury properties such as penthouses could have a private roof top terrace with a private swimming pool and /or Jacuzzi. Yes, it goes without saying these properties are higher in price but look what you are getting for the extra money. The complexes often have security and of course penthouse properties have fabulous, panoramic views to go with their private pool or Jacuzzi. Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus provides outstanding homes for the discerning buyer.

Real estate in Limassol, Cyprus for sale has amazing villas if you need something a bit bigger than an apartment. Villas sometimes start from 3 bedrooms upwards but most offer from 4 bedrooms upwards. They usually have extensive sea views with lots of windows that bring in the light to make the villas bright and airy, allowing the outside in. They may have the same number of bathrooms to bedrooms meaning you can invite guests and there is ample room for everyone. Panoramic views of the landscape offers plenty of space and you can dine on your balcony or terrace in privacy. These types of property in Limassol, Cyprus are the best money can buy and they are ideal to make a permanent home in. 

Real estate in Limassol, Cyprus offers large modern villas you can live in all year round. If you are going to relocate to Cyprus, it is better if you can make your money stretch to a villa as its offers more space and privacy and for permanent living it is recommended. Villas usually have large private garden areas and their own private pool, family and friends can visit and stay with you and you won’t feel on top of each other with all this space a villa affords.

Are you investing in Limassol, Cyprus property as a pure investment? If so these properties are superb to rent out and the rental potential is excellent.  Around 400,000 foreign tourists visit Limassol each year and they all need somewhere to stay. Many will stay in hotels that goes without saying, but we are increasingly seeing a trend where holiday makers prefer to rent a private apartment or villa for their vacations. Why? That’s any easy answer, more space, freedom of movement to come and go as one pleases and privacy and they are more than willing to pay the going rental rates for those three important factors. As we lead busy and stressful lives, we need well deserved holidays and we are willing to pay more for what we want to enjoy the break and simply relax in comfort and privacy. Property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus offers those qualities in abundance.

What do holiday home hunters and investors look for when they search for Limassol, Cyprus real estate? Quality residences in beautiful locations, they look for proximity to the beaches, shops, bars and restaurants and sightseeing attractions. Investors seek exactly the same because they are buying to rent out generally to holiday makers. Nearby to airports is also a major factor, especially for families who have young children, as after a flight the thought of a lengthy transfer from airport to resort can be too much for little ones. If buyers are purchasing property for sale in Limassol, Cyprus as a permanent residence, they look for an expat community and somewhere they can integrate with other foreigners as they settle in their new home.

Buyers want to feel a sense of belonging, therefore buying in an area with an established expat community or somewhere that foreigner’s visit feels comforting. It’s also important to point out that the people of Cyprus are extremely warm and welcoming and bring you into their community. Limassol, Cyprus properties take all these needs into consideration and you will find them in picturesque locations, built and designed with the foreign buyer in mind and they appeal to foreigners across the globe. I might add they are very attractive to the locals too!

International flights to Cyprus arrive from virtually all locations across the world. From London to Paphos International Airport takes around 4 hours and 30 minutes. The most popular airports to travel to for resorts throughout Cyprus are Larnaca International Airport (Larnaca LCA) and Paphos International Airport (Paphos PFO). Annually around 7 million passengers fly through both airports with Larnaca Airport on the southeastern coast being the largest and Paphos Airport is found on the southwestern coast. 

Transfers from airport to resort are usually less than an hour, with most being around 35/40 minutes. Transfers can be arranged in advance if you book from home, either by using a shuttle transfer, a private transfer or car hire. If you prefer you can hail a taxi once at the airport as there are always a stream of them waiting at arrivals.

The climate in Cyprus is typically Mediterranean with sizzling summers and warm winters. This is why it makes the ideal location to have a holiday home or live on a permanent basis.  Winter days see temperatures of around 18°C and at night it doesn’t usually dip below 8°C even in January. Limassol tends to see most of the really hot weather, however in Larnaca and Paphos it gets very hot too. Limassol is a favourite with the locals as they visit the coast here to get some relief from the soaring inland temperatures and enjoy the breeze at the beach. Temperatures in the daytime in Limassol are usually 33°C with cooler nights at 22°C, it’s not uncommon for temperatures in the height of the summer to reach 40°C early in the afternoon.

Beach bunnies will love these hot and sultry temperatures where they can lie on the beautiful beaches and soak up the rays to achieve the perfect tan and relax. If you prefer to sightsee or don’t like it too hot, it may be an idea to visit during early April or late October when it’s a little cooler. In May and September the temperature can still be very hot around 30°C. If you enjoy this year round warm and hot weather, Cyprus is most definitely for you.

Cypriot cuisine is very much a traditional and healthy Mediterranean diet. It successfully blends Greek and Turkish dishes along with infusions of the Middle East, Ottoman, Byzantine, Catalan, Italian and French. Using fresh olive oil for cooking and dressing salads is a big part of these cultures along with using natural and super fresh ingredients in everyday cooking. Virtually every evening meal will consist of a mixed salad (of which there are many different varieties) fresh bread, olives, a selection of cheese, meat or seafood and the appropriate sauces. It’s important to stress everything is prepared fresh, classic homemade dishes cooked at home by the locals, are prepared the same day, no preservatives or E numbers in these delicious dishes.

Grilling meat is popular and adding accompanying dishes of fresh herbs, plus favoured yoghurts and garlic and ginger add to the finished product. Cypriot food is not usually very spicy but you will find stronger flavours by way of cardamom and mint which is the Italian influence. Curry is not a typical dish of Cyprus but you can find it at most international restaurants. 

Cyprus is a beautiful country indeed, surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean Sea with gorgeous coastlines and picturesque beaches.  It’s a lush and fertile island and because of its favourable climate, fresh fruit and vegetable grow in abundance. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits are in ready supply as well as bananas. Nuts and of course olive trees are found here and vineyards galore are found in the mountains. 

Living in Cyprus affords a very nice, comfortable lifestyle that many of us would sell our soul for. If you decide to invest in this lovely island you will not only have a delightful home to call your own, you will be in a picturesque location close to the Mediterranean. If you buy as a holiday home you will enjoy your visits and they will be special plus, trust me, you will ache to return time and time again. You can enjoy extended summer holidays plus visits, if possible throughout the year. This is the time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends on this truly gorgeous island.

If you are lucky enough to make the permanent move, all of your family and friends will be envious. This type of lifestyle will give you a feeling of wellbeing and contentment. Along with the healthy diet you will find you walk more and take in the spectacular sea and mountain views as you stroll along the coastal trails and pathways. Boat trips to nearby bays and coves make for an enjoyable day at sea with friends and you can then sample the delights of an authentic Cypriot dinner, al fresco style. If this lifestyle sounds idyllic to you, it can be yours, properties cover a range of budgets and all you need to do is choose your location and choose your new home.

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