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For those of you who have visited this phenomenal city, have you fallen in love with Paris? Yes, it’s magical and it’s not just for lovers in the romantic sense. It’s perfect for lovers of culture, history, sightseeing, gastronomy and wine. Let’s be honest if you had the chance of owning a holiday home or living permanently in this beautiful city, you would jump at it – wouldn’t you?

Are properties for sale in Paris, France exclusive? Yes they are and not everyone has the means to buy in Paris, therefore the lifestyle is one to be coveted. Properties in Paris, France for sale are highly desirable.

I have yet to meet one person who, when you ask them ‘have you ever visited Paris” they don’t smile when they remember. This shining city which is known as the “city of light” is brimming with local history dating back thousands of years. What are the places of interest? There are too many to even begin to list but just a few are the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. Is Paris a popular city to visit? You could say that, France plays host to over 83 million foreign tourists per year and 23.6 million of those visit Paris. Paris is found in the top five cities to visit, it’s superb for holidays but also weekend jaunts. Are you considering investing in property for sale in Paris, France? If not maybe you should consider it.

Overseas homes provide multiple holidays throughout the year whenever you feel the need to escape the daily grind of life. Once you have found your property in Paris, France for sale to buy, all you need to think about is what flights are available. Lucky for you flights are several times a day from the UK and Europe so you can always visit come rain or shine. Properties for sale in Paris, France appeals too many due to the sheer beauty of this city and its proximity to the UK and Europe. City pads are on the rise as more buyers prefer a city escape to a beach one. Paris, France properties serve up beautiful properties in renovated old buildings, contemporary and modern residences to riverside homes. Meaning there is something for every taste and style of property for sale in Paris, France to suit all tastes and certain budgets.

Not everyone can stretch their budget to buy a holiday home for sale in Paris, France but some may be able to buy a permanent home. The advantage of relocating to a vibrant city such as Paris means, everything you need is just outside your front door. Even if you buy a holiday home all the attractions, cafes, bars and restaurants are within easy walking distance. If you prefer to be a little out of the city centre, no problem as the metro, bus and tram links in Paris connect all areas, therefore getting around is easy as these services are reliable and fast.

The River Seine flows through the capital and is a focal point within the city. It’s a staggering 777 km long river and flows in to the English Channel at the site of Le Havre. In Paris you will see many lovely river boats sail up and down the Seine, full with sightseeing tourist’s taking advantage of seeing the attractions without actually walking. However, it’s important to note that in northern France, the Seine is a vital commercial waterway. If you are looking for properties in Paris, France for sale with picturesque views across the River Seine you can have them. Although, I will warn you they do have quite a price tag on them – but so worth it!

What do they say? “You get what you pay for” how true! To be the proud owner of a delightful Parisian property is a dream come true for most. Everyone wants a slice of Paris, France property from the lovers who flock there for their romantic break to the avid history buff who can’t seem to get enough of this wondrous city and its historic culture. The Parisian skyline is easily recognisable and as most of the properties tend to be part of old buildings the views are magical day or night. Paris’s most famous landmark the Eiffel Tower is a beacon at night when it’s lit up and it literally cannot be missed. In the summer, locals and tourists head to the tower in the evening’s and sit on the grass with a bottle of champagne and crystal flutes. The Parisians do not do things by half and it won’t take long before you immerse yourself in French life in the capital. Are you hooked yet in to finding your own property for sale in Paris, France?

What sort of property for sale in Paris, France is there? Properties in Paris, France for sale usually start from 1 bedroom upwards to 6 bedrooms or even more. They can be part of a renovated building or indeed found in contemporary and modern new builds. Young professionals will probably go for a modern property where as families tend to invest in a house. Again it depends which location you prefer and style of property. A lucky few will possibly look for their dream of owning a château on the outskirts of Paris. Whether you prefer modern or refurbished, properties for sale in Paris, France offer beautiful homes in different areas throughout the city.

Are you looking for an investment property in Paris, France for sale? If so, why not take a look in The Latin Quarter? This area is very popular with students due to the amount of universities there. This would make a great investment and you can expect lucrative returns. In the city centre you can compete with the hotels by purchasing luxury properties for sale in Paris, France and see a return on your investment via tourists. More and more foreign visitors especially, are moving away from staying in a hotel and preferring to stay in a private property. Why you ask? It gives them many more rooms and space than a hotel room would, privacy which we all crave and of course freedom of movement. 

Large spacious properties with large ceilings and floor to ceiling windows are popular to purchase. These properties allow the light to flood in and afford bright living spaces. These properties are completed with excellent fixtures and fittings with modern or traditional style kitchens and bathrooms in keeping with the style of the property. Properties are suitable for young professionals and couples along with families. Young professionals may decide to be close to the city centre of Paris mixing work life and home life together. Being in the hub means no commuting times to Paris and most will probably be able to walk everywhere or use local transport. 

Families may decide to live in the suburbs in larger properties with more bedrooms and gardens. Often these properties are close to parks and some have views of the river. Whether you live and work in Paris, you are searching for a holiday home or you are making the permanent move to live in Paris its one of the most wonderful cities in the world to live in. There is so much to see and do in Paris, from visiting museums to walking along the Seine to enjoying the many cafes and restaurants that Paris is so famous for.

In 1887 construction began on the 324 m tall Eiffel Tower, it’s one of the most famous landmarks Paris is known for. Designed and built by Gustav Eiffel it’s a masterpiece in design, it’s magnificent in daylight and by night its light display is truly spectacular. If you dare, you can ride to the top and witness panoramic views that span across the city. Shopaholics will not be able to contain themselves with the range of trendy boutiques and brand name stores. For those who want the designer names they can be found in upmarket stores along the Champs-Élysées which is one of the most elite avenues in the world. Home to all the big names such as Valentino, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Chanel and Dior, expect to give your credit card a hammering. This 1.17 mile long avenue is where the rich go shopping and they do so in style. Treat yourself and head to the beautiful jewellery stores of Swarovski, Tiffany and Cartier. 

Culture buffs will make their way to The Louvre (Museum) it’s the largest historic monument in Paris and the largest art museum in the world. The beguiling Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is in full time residence here, along with more than 380,000 exhibits and 35,000 displays of art works. Archaeological finds, objects d’art, drawings, paintings and sculptures are all kept here in more than 60,600 square metres (652,000 sq ft) of space. The Louvre is vast, it’s impossible to be able to see everything in one visit. It’s said that if you spend no more than 30 seconds on each art exhibit, it will take you at least 100 days. The advantage of living in Paris is you can take your time and visit the museum once or twice a week to truly appreciate all the exhibits.

Enjoying a coffee and a croissant at a street café is one of life’s pleasures, people watching in Paris is fascinating. Watching the Parisians and tourists go about their daily life is entertaining to say the least. There are delicious eateries dotted throughout Paris, it’s not known as the capital of gastronomy for nothing. You can find restaurants that offer excellent cuisine to the absolute in fine dining. You could pile on the pounds, however, Paris is a delight to stroll around so you can walk it off easily. Fabulous cocktail bars can be found, or if you prefer live music, how about spending the evening in a piano or jazz bar. Parisian life is truly magical, yes it’s an exclusive lifestyle and that’s what makes it so special.

Flights to Paris, France are easy to catch from around the globe. From the UK there are various methods to reach Paris. You can travel to Paris either by plane, car, train or ferry. Flying from London to Paris is just 40 minutes. If you prefer a wonderful adventure, you can drive via Belgium and through France to Paris, but it can take 7 hours or more depending how many stops you make along the way. If you want to take the train, the journey will take just over 2 hours, or if you go via the Eurotunnel it’s around 35 minutes and if you take the ferry it’s about 90 minutes. All methods of travel are excellent, which will you choose?

The climate in Paris, France is continental meaning it has a temperate climate with mild and warm summers and cold winters. The coldest month is January at 8°C with July being the hottest month with temperatures reaching a balmy 26°C.  July, August and September see 8 daily hours of sunshine throughout this 3 month period. 

Overseas homes in Paris, France offer the discerning buyer a stylish property whichever type you opt for. However, it’s more about the lifestyle that Paris offers and what a lifestyle it is. It’s one to be envied for sure and no doubt your family and friends will visit you often. As Paris is just a 40 minute flight away from the UK it means you can visit home often, but, would you want to? Everyone dreams of a new life whether it’s in the sun by a beach, in the countryside or in a vibrant city. Paris is the ultimate in city life and it means you have the whole of France to discover too. The suburbs are where you will find wonderful village markets filled with goodies and treats to make your mouth water. Do you want this lifestyle in Paris?

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