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Property for sale in Greece

Holiday home buyers tend to flock to one country in particular in the southeastern location of Europe more than any other, Greece. With its abundance of property for sale in Greece whether it’s on the mainland or one of the many islands, Greece property is highly sought after. Whether you want to be in the hub of Athens in a city rich in history or in one of the many delightful coastal resorts, properties in Greece will enrich your life. Beautiful weather will give you long holidays throughout the year in your property in Greece affording you a superb lifestyle.

Investing in Greece real estate means a life time of holidays in beautiful homes in rugged landscapes or close to the deepest blue of seas and there are three sea vistas to choose from. Greece and its islands are surrounded by The Ionian Sea, The Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Each sea and the islands in it offer a different theme and backdrop and the choice of Greek property for sale will please every buyer who wants a piece of heaven there.

The most well-known islands in the Ionian Sea are Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos more commonly known as Zante. These islands serve up mountain landscapes and lush vegetation and are a short distance to the mainland west coast. The architecture of Corfu is reminiscent of Italian design with delightful traditional houses with Greek themes running throughout. Corfu has long been popular as a holiday destination and many expats have bought Greek properties there for a holiday home or a permanent residence. Whether you opt for an apartment, traditional style home or indeed a modern villa there are many designs to choose from. The west coast of mainland Greece is along the Ionian Sea.

Paradise is found on Kefalonia it’s a mountainous island and attracts walkers and hikers because of the terrain and beautiful views. Again there is a choice of types of real estate in Greece for sale here, you can find luxury apartments on well-kept complexes with a range of amenities. They have mountain views and sea views and are generally close to the beach, shops, restaurants and bars, plus Eucalyptus Trees and Palm Trees are found in abundance.

Zakynthos (Zante) is another firm favourite holiday destination, with famous beaches such as Navagio Beach which is where you will find the 1980 shipwreck, famous around the world. Its resting place is the found at the foot of the cliff in a sandy cove and is one of Zantes landmarks. The waterfront and harbour is the hub and the island is a mass of beautiful sun drenched beaches with an amazing array of water sports available. Real estate for sale in Greece islands offers everything the holiday home hunter or investor could ask for.

If you are an investor wanting to buy a property for sale in Greece it’s a fabulous investment. With more than 33 million visitors each year they all need somewhere to stay, yes some will stay in the all-inclusive resorts and some will stay in hotels. However, many tourists prefer privacy and because of this they will want to stay in a private rental. This type of holiday is becoming more fashionable as holiday makers want more space and freedom to come and go as they please. Apartments and villas are popular whether it’s a couples, groups of friends or families who visit there for their annual holiday.

Apartments usually have 2 bedrooms and are ideal for couples or families with two small children. Mostly they are on well-run complexes with a communal swimming pool, possibly a children’s area and landscaped gardens. There are smaller blocks of apartments with no swimming pool but they are generally close to the beach where you can spend lazy days swimming in the sea and soaking up the sunshine.

Traditional houses are just beautiful and offer a taste of authentic Greek homes with exposed brick work and stone floors and the familiar white washed walls and accents of blue on doors, windows and tables. It’s a very Mediterranean look and the reason for the blue theme throughout Greece is that ancient Greeks believed the colour blue kept evil away from their homes. This blue colour can also been seen on most of the church domes throughout this wonderful country. 

Modern villas are luxurious and inviting offering all the mod cons and have sea views. Buying on an island offers these types of views close to the sea, unless you prefer inland with mountainous or countryside views. These villas can be large and are great for large families or groups of friends wanting to vacation together. The blue theme will still be evident and these colours are what we most associate with the Mediterranean and for those of you looking for a property for sale Greece is where you should start your search.

The Aegean Sea is where most of the Greek Islands can be found and there are plenty of them. There are 6000 islands in total in the Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea, however there are only around 1,200 of those islands that are large enough for people to live on. The Aegean Sea is nestled mainly in-between Greece and Turkey with Greece to its west and Turkey to its east. Greece’s mainland east coastline is on the Aegean with islands such as Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Mykonos, Kos, Santorini and Rhodes all located here. 

The largest Greek island of Crete lies in the south Aegean Sea and is close to the Cyclades Islands which lie near to the capital of Greece, Athens which is on the mainland. Beautiful Kythnos is one of the western Cyclades Islands it’s a lush island and is also known as “Thermia” due to the spring waters which are located at the site of Loutra (baths). During the 19th and 20th centuries the spring waters were the biggest attraction for visitors. Kythnos has around 100 km of natural coastline with in excess of 70 picturesque beaches, some cannot be reached by road.

Although Crete is said to lie in the Aegean Sea many say it also lies in the Mediterranean, then again it is said the Ionian Sea is part of the Med. The Mediterranean Sea has an arm which is the Aegean Sea. If you look at a map the Seas are clearly marked and whether they are part of each other is irrelevant as this area is incredibly beautiful, with glorious views. Anyone who can buy property for sale in Greece will enjoy this wonderful lifestyle whichever sea they are on.

You will find prices are higher for real estate in Greece on the islands, its stands to sense really. This happens throughout the world due to the naturally beautiful coastline that surrounds an island. It means you are always close to a beach and picturesque views. If you were to invest in Athens property you would expect to pay more with Athens being the capital of Greece. In any capital city, property is always more costly but it’s expected and all the history this particular capital has, will see the avid history buff wanting to buy there.

Athens is called the heart of Greece and was once a commanding empire. This is where history lovers will flock to and they do in their millions each year to marvel at the ancient 5th century B.C landmarks that dominate the city. The Acropolis and the Parthenon Temple are household names and have adorned history books for centuries. The National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum hold important preserved artifacts from ancient Greece such as jewellery, sculptures and vases. Athens is the birthplace of intellectual civilisation and where philosopher’s gathered to discuss their ideas of science, philosophy and mathematics. If you decide to invest in a city, this is it, this city is exciting and you find something interesting at every turn of a corner and is glorious to visit.

Why do you want to invest in Greece? Is it for a holiday home, an investment or maybe a permanent residence? Particular favourite islands to invest in are Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and the Cyclades Islands. The Cyclades Islands are located to the south east of mainland Greece in the Aegean Sea. The Cyclades Islands are very popular for holiday makers due to their landscapes, ancient sites and archaeological ruins, their picturesque beaches and beautiful white washed buildings with blue doors and windowsills and furniture.

Santorini is a truly beautiful island and has been photographed numerous times, it is perhaps one of the most famous islands in Greece and is easily recognisable. It attracts visitors from around the globe due its fame of being a gem in the Aegean. This iconic city carries the myth of being the ancient city of Atlantis which was under water for almost 10,000 years then rose to become Santorini. Its red and black rocks are both unusual and captivating, Santorini is known as Thera in Greek and has been the subject of artists, poets and painters who are captivated by the light and perfect sunsets with fabulous homes perched throughout its cliffs.

Mykonos is also one of the islands that is part of the Cyclades group of islands. It is known for its party atmosphere on the popular beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise and of course its nightclubs that attract top DJ’s where you can dance the night away well in to the early hours of morning. Above the hill on Mykonos are the easily recognisable landmarks of windmills that date back to the 16th century. This party island is often called the Ibiza of Greece as it attracts a young crowd but it is also extremely popular with families who want to experience the beauty of Mykonos.

The narrow streets of Mykonos are covered with bright splashes of colour in its bougainvillea trees of purple, its whitewashed homes and buildings with blue accents. You can visit the windmills which can be seen from every view point, the castle, built to depict true love of a man for his wife above the harbour or visit the Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums. There are chic bars and restaurants with cosy cafes and if you love to shop you can hit the brand names stores.

The advantage of buying property for sale in Greece is the amount of choice on offer with the different islands. You can enjoy plenty of holidays visiting the many islands until you find the right one. Once you have found your chosen island it’s just a matter of buying the right property which is easy with the many properties for sale. Owning a property on an island makes exploring other islands exciting. It’s easy to island hop whether it’s a day trip or to take a few days out and have a lovely weekend break. 

Greece offers picturesque scenery across its beaches, its mountainous terrain and its blue seas. The friendly locals welcome visitors with open arms and their hospitality is second to none. Food, eating and meal times is part of Greek life and families gather round huge tables to enjoy their meals together and converse. Popular dishes are gyro, moussaka and tzatziki and Greek food is some of the best cuisine in the world. The cuisine has been influenced by both the western and eastern cultures and is a mix made in heaven. It’s mainly a vegetarian diet made up of fish, seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables. Lamb dishes are the most popular meat dishes and meals are washed down with the renowned glass or two of ouzo.

Owning your own apartment, traditional house or villa on mainland Greece or one of its gorgeous islands will give you the kind of lifestyle we all long for. Long summer holidays in your home away from home where the sunshine’s for 250 days a year which totals 3000 hours of a blissful life in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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