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Property for sale in Macedonia, Greece

Rich in history and home of Alexander the Great, the Macedonia region of Greece has plenty to offer the holiday maker, home hunter and investor. Property for sale in Macedonia, Greece is indeed highly sought after for a vast array of reasons. Macedonia is the largest region of Greece, its backdrop is mountainous and its southern coastline is picturesque. Its ports include Kavala and Thessaloniki often referred to as Salonika are found on Macedonia’s south coast. Located in the northern part of Greece’s mainland, the Macedonia region is where you find the popular resort of Halkidiki with superb range of real estate for sale in Macedonia, Greece.

In the 4th century BC Macedonia was the largest empire in the world and was ruled by Alexander the Great. He was a great explorer (hence the name) and set voyage to discover the ancient world. Macedonia is brimming with history of this fascinating time period and keen history buffs will revel in all the tales and legends of this fabulous region. For those who like nothing more than to brush up their local knowledge with the sun beating down on their face, Macedonia, Greece property for sale will give you the chance to live in a beautiful location and discover its colourful past.

Why choose Macedonia in Greece? Apart from pristine golden beaches, lush green forests and Mount Athos which is home to twenty Monasteries, this is the ideal back drop to owning your own Macedonia, Greece property. The landscape of Macedonia is highly diverse and the flora and fauna change in the different locations of Greece. Beautiful landscapes are seen at every turn, the culture and traditions are essentially the same but different as you go from location to location. Whatever type of real estate in Macedonia, Greece for sale you are searching for, there will be one with your name on it.

What are you looking for in a holiday home or permanent residence? Does a mountain and forest landscape serve up your favourite views or is it a beach setting? Do you want solitude or a relaxed atmosphere? You have a choice of resorts to choose from to find the ideal setting for you. Halkidiki is on the east coast of Macedonia and is a haven for beaches and beautiful coastlines, Thessaloniki is flanked by mountains and countryside and Mount Athos gives you a calm and peaceful setting. Macedonia, Greece real estate offers you the type of property and lifestyle you have always yearned for. Affordable property for sale in Macedonia, Greece is waiting for you.

Do you want to invest in real estate in Macedonia, Greece? If you so it’s a superb investment that offers excellent rental potential. Over 33 million tourists visit the shores of Greece every year and they need somewhere to stay. It goes without saying some will book a hotel, however we are seeing more and more holiday makers want freedom of movement and are preferring to book a private rental. What does a private rental offer more than a hotel room? Space and plenty of it, plus privacy, there are some great hotels in Greece however the average holiday maker wants much more than the average hotel offers. That’s just a few reasons why, properties in Macedonia, Greece have superb, excellent rental potential.

Macedonia appeals too many because of its historic history, ancient monuments and its beautiful beaches. Halkidiki in particular is a favourite holiday destination, it’s easily recognisable and is referred to as the “three legs of Halkidiki” due to its unique peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos with each giving you a different experience, meaning there is a lovely location and something for everyone.

The Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki is to the west and is the most popular with holiday makers who want a traditional beach resort location. The Sithonia Peninsula is yet to be fully discovered, this is where you will come to see authentic Greece and it’s a relaxing resort ideal for those who love to read a good book whilst enjoying the sunshine. In the north east you will find the 3rd Peninsula of Mount Athos known also as Agion Oros, this haven of tranquility is where you will find 20 Monasteries with over 2000 monks still living and working there. It’s a stunning location and if you don’t feel serene and peaceful here, you won’t anywhere! Macedonia, Greece properties offer you a great range of locations with beautiful homes. 

Other locations in Macedonia which are popular are Kastoria with its magnificent churches and beautiful elaborate grand homes. Vitsi and Prespa offer majestic mountains, countryside and lake settings. Grevena with its nature, flora and fauna serves up a peaceful environment and one you can go to when you need calm in your life. If you enjoy experiencing different cultures and traditions Macedonia will truly enthrall you and you will return possibly to buy property for sale in Macedonia, Greece and who could blame you!

What is your ideal location? Is it the beach with its crystal clear inviting waters and golden beaches? Do you enjoy taking part in sports and water sports activities? Or are you a keen sightseer or enjoy trekking along coastal paths and taking in the panoramic and spectacular views? Delightful property in Macedonia, Greece can meet your every need in the best locations, so you can take part in your favourite hobbies and live life to the full.

What type of property for sale in Macedonia, Greece are there? Apartments start from 2 bedrooms which can sleep up to 5 people comfortably. These apartments are set on beautiful complexes with a whole range of facilities including communal swimming pools and landscaped gardens located close to beaches. If you prefer a traditional Greek house they are available from 2 bedrooms upwards and are built with natural materials such as stone and wood and have the touch of authentic Greece.

Do you want a modern luxurious villa? You can have it starting from 3 bedrooms upwards, beautiful luxury villas are available with panoramic views that will literally take your breath away. Some villas also have a wonderful addition of 2 poolside studio apartments that have 2 bedrooms. These are fabulous for when your guests come over to stay.

Flights to Thessaloniki Airport from London and other European countries are frequent and from the airport to the resort of Halkidiki takes around a 90 minute drive.  From London to Thessaloniki Airport is only 3 hours and 15 minutes flight which means if you buy property in the Macedonia region you can visit often.

The climate in the Macedonia area can be cold in the winter months but on the south coast in the resort of Halkidiki they can be mild. The summers are very warm and dry here, January is the coldest month with temperatures of 8°C and the hottest months are July and August with temperatures averaging around 30°C. July has the most daily sunshine hours with 13 hours per day throughout the month.

The Macedonia location is a great place for a holiday home, an investment or to live on a permanent basis. From the mainland you have an array of islands you can island hop from which means plenty of exploring whenever you feel the need for a change – if ever you do! Beautiful properties are found along the varied coastline giving you a great choice whether you opt for an apartment, traditional Greek house or a modern villa. What will you choose?

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