Apartments For Sale in North Cyprus

North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a wonderful location to travel to and explore. Regular visitors to Cyprus are likely familiar with the southern portion of the island, which is divided into a Greek southern sector and a Turkish northern sector. The border is a line of political and cultural distinction, which has given rise to a very diverse sense of time. Tourists frequently visit North Cyprus to take advantage of the warm, clear Mediterranean Sea that washes up on its stunning beaches.

North Cyprus has been unaffected by the quick and constant changes in fashion. Everyone may experience the special cuisine, culture, and mood that make up this lovely region of the island at any of the many local cafés, restaurants, and taverns that mark its idyllic shores. North Cyprus cordially invites you to rediscover the genuine “Cyprus spirit” that initially drew the intrepid traveller to this idyllic island. The result of its recent solitude is a calmer, more sincere encounter that feels as though time has stopped. The gorgeous, unaltered terrain continues to be a haven for rare plants and animals, while life goes on in the towns and villages at a pace that is considerably more appropriate to perfect, unrestricted leisure.

North Cyprus at a Glance:

  • One of the last untouched areas in the Mediterranean
  • The majority of the properties are close to the water
  • Each property always has panoramic views of the sea and mountains
  • Compared to other Mediterranean nations, the cost of real estate is considerably lower
  • Low living expenses and tax benefits
  • The sixth-safest nation in the world
  • You can encounter authentic island people and lifestyle
  • 320 days of sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea is immaculate

Why Invest In North Cyprus

Property Current Prices

In comparison to other Mediterranean nations, North Cyprus has substantially lower real estate costs. Particularly houses on the coast starting at a little £ 39,900. The cost of living is one-third that of other Mediterranean countries, including Spain, Italy, and Greece.

Property Location

The majority of the properties are close to the water, either on a beach or beachfront. Some spots allow you to stroll 100 metres to the ocean and another 5 minutes to a mountain covered with pine trees with a breath-taking sea view.

Low living costs and taxes

Comparing North Cyprus to any other European nation, living is far more affordable. The purchasing power of your own currency is quite high given that the Turkish Lira is the currency in use on the island. Favourable tax laws in North Cyprus facilitate investment opportunities also.

Genuine Lifestyle On The Island

North Cyprus, with its unspoiled land and environment, is the last place in the Mediterranean. The majority of our villas are either next to the water or close to the beach. Additionally, practically every property has a view of the sea or mountains. Most importantly, North Cyprus offers a longer payment schedule and cheap pricing for your ideal property.

Wherever you walk on the island, you may interact with residents and see how they really live. You can encounter locals while taking a stroll around your seaside property and sample their cuisine, collect your own vegetables and fruits, purchase freshly made bread, and even purchase fresh milk, cheese, and butter from a nearby barn.

Along with experiencing local life, you can live a high quality of living in one of the world’s finest 5-star hotels, in a vineyard with wine-tasting excursions, or at one of the world’s top golf courses. Not to mention the old town, which is surrounded by several seafood eateries.

Top Reasons for Buying an Apartment in North Cyprus:

  • Rapid return on investment
  • Affordable prices
  • Economy is expanding quickly despite North Cyprus’s modest size, offering a variety of investment options
  • Top 3 lowest crime rates in Europe make this a safe place to invest
  • Guaranteed rental income: With more than 60.000 people studying at its international universities from more than 100 nations, education is the country’s largest economic sector
  • For all of Eastern Europe’s nations, visas are not required
  • Investments in the tourism business are exempt from income tax for 10 years
  • Growing tourism, mainly as a result of more 5-star hotels, casinos, and an expanded North Cyprus international airport (Ercan Nicosia Airport – ECN).

Advantages Of Buying An Apartment In North Cyprus After Brexit

A residence you buy in Spain, Portugal, or Italy cannot be used by you for more than 90 days in a 180-day period (unless you have lot’s of money).

Anytime you buy a property in North Cyprus, you can utilise it without restrictions or paying the taxes associated with doing so when you buy in the EU. It will probably cost less than half of what you would pay in Spain, Portugal, or Italy and you can have a sea view.

Apartments for Sale in North Cyprus

Discover our apartment offers and investment opportunities. Find and buy the best apartments in the island. Whether you’re looking for a studio apartment for holiday rental with direct views to Long Beach or searching for luxury apartments with a roof terrace in Kyrenia city, we are the real estate agency that can guide and advise you in the North Cyprus’ property market.

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy An Apartment In North Cyprus!

The new Mediterranean real estate hotspot is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)! An increasing number of buyers from the Middle East, Scandinavia, East and West Europe, the UK, and Europe are seeking for a North Cyprus villa or apartment.

North Cyprus real estate is steadily rising in popularity. For citizens of those nations, whose national currencies have weakened recently, Northern Cyprus is especially alluring. Due to the currency crisis, it has become necessary to rescue the remaining funds and safeguard assets from potential threats.

You can profit from a safe, affordable, and rapidly appreciating North Cyprus property investment in this distinct non-Eurozone economic region with residents from all over the world.

Looking for an Apartment for Sale in Northern Cyprus?

Are you considering purchasing real estate in North Cyprus? Or, are you looking for a primary residence or a vacation home? Among all North Cyprus’ estate agents, Spot Blue is your go-to place for real estate and investment. Spot Blue International Property are based in London, United Kingdom and we are an estate agent working in many locations around the world. We can help you find the ideal apartment in North Cyprus!

Regardless of the property type you’re looking for, we can always help you to find your dream property. Whether you need a 1 bedroom apartment with fitted wardrobes, a villa with a huge living room and private pool or a new build holiday home with a big family dining area and a double bedroom for each couple, we can always help and advise you in this search. We are always searching for more properties to add to our estate portfolio.

To learn more about any of our properties or to schedule a tour, contact us at +44 (0) 208 339 6036 or [email protected] You can also browse the listed properties in our site


Can foreigners buy an apartment in North Cyprus?

Yes, it is acceptable for foreigners to own a home in North Cyprus. It’s a quick process that requires submitting a clean police report and gaining the Council of Ministers’ permission.

However, it is advised to consult a lawyer to guide you during the process if you decide to invest in real estate, advising you with all the procedures of ownership and title deeds.

Is it wise to buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus?

The good news is that as time has gone on, many new regulations have been passed, making a wise new property purchase in North Cyprus increasingly safe and worry-free – there are no greater hazards with a North Cyprus home than there are in any other foreign property destination.

Is it a good time to buy an apartment in North Cyprus?

Currently, North Cyprus’ real estate market is thriving and a record number of new homes are being constructed: primarily vacation villas around the North Cyprus Kyrenia region, particularly at Esentepe, Bahceli, Kucuk Erenköy, and Tatlisu, which are popular with Scandinavians and other northern Europeans.

What currency is used in north Cyprus?

The Turkish lira is used in Northern Cyprus. There are ATMs that accept international cards all around the island. Banks and forex bureaus both offer currency exchange services.

What languages do people speak in northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus residents are bilingual in Turkish and English. Speaking English is very common in Northern Cyprus.

Do I need a visa to enter Northern Cyprus?

No, a visa is not required to enter North Cyprus. However, you must apply for a tourist permit if you intend to stay for longer than 90 days.

Can you get residency in northern Cyprus if I buy an apartment?

Once you’ve purchased a property, you may apply for residency in Northern Cyprus. But this procedure takes time, and you have to present proof of your financial status.

Is property cheap in northern Cyprus?

Real estate costs are less than in Southern Cyprus. Plus, real estate in North Cyprus is far less expensive than in Turkey and many other Mediterranean nations.

What is the weather like in North Cyprus?

The weather in North Cyprus is the Mediterranean climate. Summertime temperatures range from May to October, with an average of 25°C. The typical temperature in winter (November to April) is 18°C. The climate is generally agreeable all year round.

Is northern Cyprus a good place to live?

Expats are welcome in North Cyprus, where there is a sizable expat population. The North has much cheaper living expenses than the South (Republic of Cyprus). North Cyprus is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a gorgeous Mediterranean vacation or retirement permanent residence that offers outstanding value.

Where do most expats live in North Cyprus?

The two towns in the Kyrenia region that foreigners most like to live in are Alsancak and Esentepe. Both have substantial expat populations and a variety of neighbouring attractions. In Alsancak, there is a national park with walking and running paths.

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