Nestled in Northern Cyprus’s Kyrenia region, Gaziveren is a quaint coastal village known for its breathtaking Mediterranean vistas and serene ambiance. Its verdant hillsides attract both tourists and property investors seeking tranquillity.


Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Gaziveren boasts proximity to the city of Kyrenia, enhancing its appeal with stunning sea views.


Gaziveren offers an array of amenities for residents’ convenience. From shops and eateries to essential services like a post office and bank, it caters to everyday needs. A local bus service connects Gaziveren with neighbouring towns, simplifying transportation.

Quality of Life

Residents enjoy a high-quality lifestyle in this peaceful enclave. The friendly locals foster a strong sense of community amidst the quietude. The lush green surroundings coupled with panoramic sea views provide an idyllic setting for residents. Close by are notable attractions such as Kyrenia Castle and Bellapais Abbey, offering cultural exploration opportunities enriching life at Gaziveren.

Types of Property For Sale in Gaziveren

In Gaziveren, prospective property buyers can explore a diverse portfolio of real estate options to fit varying needs and budgets. Among the offerings are apartments, villas, townhouses, and land.

Apartments in Gaziveren range from compact studio spaces to expansive multi-bedroom units. Prices typically start around 50,000 and can reach up to 200,000 depending on factors like size, location, and amenities.

The villa market is particularly vibrant in Gaziveren with sizes ranging from cosy one-bedroom properties to large luxurious residences. Villa prices generally start at about 100,000 but can escalate up to a million based on size and other features such as location.

Townhouses provide an affordable alternative for those seeking balance between space and cost-effectiveness. The price spectrum for these properties spans from 100,000 to 400,000 subject again to size considerations along with location-specific variables.

For those desiring complete control over their living environment design or investment potentiality there’s also the option of purchasing land. The cost varies widely – starting at around 50k it could potentially rise as high as half a million dependent upon dimensions and development prospects amongst others.

Beyond purchase opportunities we offer rental possibilities too; given its popularity among tourists due its stunning Mediterranean views coupled with beautiful beaches & lively nightlife scene this area presents lucrative rental income potential especially during peak seasons. To ensure maximised returns & smooth operations engaging local property management services is advisable.

Gaziveren’s property market is thriving, offering a plethora of options for potential buyers and investors. Property types vary significantly, from 140 m2 apartments starting at USD130,000 to luxurious 280 m2 penthouses priced up to USD1.99 million. Villas and houses are also on offer with prices ranging from USD111,000 for a modest 150 m2 apartment to an expansive 500 m2 villa costing up to USD1.75 million.

Key areas in Gaziveren include the villages of Karmi, Alsancak, and Baheli. Each village boasts unique features: Karmi nestles on the Kyrenia Mountains’ slopes providing captivating views; coastal Alsancak offers beautiful beaches and waterfront dining experiences; while serene Baheli presents stunning vistas coupled with tranquillity.

In addition to scenic beauty, these villages provide essential amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, banks and pharmacies catering all resident needs. Education institutions including schools and universities are present alongside medical facilities ensuring comprehensive services within reach.

Given its stable real estate market combined with diverse properties available amidst picturesque settings equipped with necessary facilities make Gaziveren an appealing choice for overseas property buyers or investors.

Contracts, Title Deeds, and Legalities: In Gaziveren property acquisition, ensuring the contracts and title deeds are in order is crucial. These documents should be bilingual – English and Turkish – encapsulating all pertinent details about the property like its size, location, restrictions or obligations. Verification of legal ownership by the seller through title deeds is also essential.

Financing Options for You: As a buyer in Gaziveren, you have multiple financing avenues at your disposal. You can opt for a mortgage loan from local banks or international lenders; alternatively, using personal funds or combining both methods is an option too. It’s vital to comprehend associated costs such as property taxes, transfer fees and maintenance expenses to gauge the total investment cost accurately.

Legal Considerations – Your Safety Net: Awareness of legal considerations when purchasing property in Gaziveren safeguards your interests. Collaborating with a reputable lawyer specialising in property transactions ensures secure purchases while mitigating risks via thorough due diligence: verifying legal status of properties; conducting structural surveys; assessing potential rental income if applicable. Being cognizant of relevant taxes and fees along with written contractual agreements further solidifies your investment security.