apartments for sale in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

Property for sale in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, offers various beautiful properties in historic buildings, whether they are modern new buildings or restored apartments. Would you like an apartment and have a swimming pool of your own? It’s possible in unique, desirable neighbourhoods overlooking the Tejo River and Sao Jorge’s Castle.


    What is Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal like?

    In this lovely place, owning property in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, gives the buyer an enriched life. In a much sought-after location, museums and art galleries plus old book shops galore will provide investors with properties in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, an upmarket lifestyle.

    In Chiado, trade, fashion, and historical culture are all found. This elite place is the birthplace of some of Portugal’s literacy giants and thus draws book addicts worldwide. Chiado sits snuggly between the Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina neighbourhoods and is a beautiful, central place to explore Lisbon further. The traditional architecture fits easily with old book stores, art shops, and designer stores sitting side by side with new and modern buildings. Chiado is varied and fascinating, and it’s most certainly the place to own your own house.

    What is there to see and do in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal?

    Chiado provides culture to the full, and it is a joy to visit its many museums and theatres. In Chiado, luxury shopping is at its best; big-name stores and designer shops mean that in the Rua Garrett shopping area, your credit card will be busy. Chiado is an elegant location and is typically compared to the Montmartre district in Paris, often referred to as a bohemian town. A must-visit is to visit the ruins of the Rua do Carmo Church at Rua do Carmo. Cafes, bars, and restaurants are served in the parks, avenues, and surrounding streets, where you can catch up with friends in a beautiful setting.

    Santa Justa Elevator

    , founded in 1900, connects Chiado to Baixa and Bairro Alto’s districts and is 32 metres high. You will come across small fishing villages, mostly within walking distance of your Portuguese home. Walk along the coast here. Golf enthusiasts have many golf courses to choose from around the Lisbon area.

    Convento do Carmo

    For many people, this 14th-century church’s gothic ruins are one of Lisbon’s most beautiful landmarks. During the 1755 earthquake, the roof collapsed, and the church was never rebuilt, standing as a reminder of the disaster’s destruction. The chancel remains covered and houses a small, eclectic archaeological museum, which includes sculptures and artifacts found around Portugal, plus two South American mummies.


    was founded in 1732, and is considered the oldest bookstore in the world, according to the 2011 Guinness World Records. It first opened near Bairro Alto, at the intersection of Rua do Norte and Rua Direita do Loreto, after the 1755 earthquake, it moved to its current location, Rua Garrett. Today, there is a network of more than 50 bookstores belonging to the same owner worldwide.

    Sao Roque Church

    with its Baroque architecture that dominates the Sao Roque Church, one of the few Lisbon buildings that survived the earthquake of 1755. As such, to rebuild its own seismically destroyed structures, both the church and the auxiliary residence were granted to Santa Casa da Misericordia as a charity. The church is a landmark and garners attention of anyone who passes by, which is still the case today. After all, this is one of the most magnificent churches in the region, constructed at the end of the 16th century.

    What property types are there in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal?

    Properties for sale in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, give a great blend of traditional style homes, flats, mansions, and modern houses. They are usually known as apartments and separate houses (apartamento or andar) (vivenda or moradia). Townhouses, villas, and apartments are on sale, plus exclusive and luxurious homes, and how about an exclusive mansion? What type of property do you want in Chiado, Lisboa, Portugal? Depending on what you are searching for, there are several different types of property to choose from. Would you like a contemporary, rustic, or boutique one? In all areas of the district, all property types are available. Some like the modern-style apartments with everything practically on their doorstep, set in the very heart of Chiado.

    What are the apartments in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal like?

    Beautiful historical buildings with terraces and root top spaces with great views are internally updated into large and bright homes. The exterior characteristics remain the same, but the interiors have new living accommodation. From their terraces, most of these apartments have spectacular sea or marina views. Overseas homes for sale in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal, with an open-plan layout, start from one to three-bedroom apartments. The rooms meander into each other, creating bright open spaces that flow into a fitted kitchen from the living room/dining area. A modern suite with a shower/tub, sink, and toilet is provided in the bathrooms. The bedrooms, some with fitted wardrobes and units, are spacious, optimising space to its maximum potential.

    What are the apartment complexes like in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal?

    The more luxurious apartments have a rare private rooftop swimming pool and underground parking. Properties in Lisbon provide single individuals, professionals, couples, and families with spacious homes. This upmarket location has investors preferring to live and work here from around the world. Why wouldn’t they because this place has a lot to offer? Combine you’re working and socialising lifestyle in this trendy spot. The apartments are located in historic buildings that have been fully restored and have a façade that is still preserved.

    Why should you buy an apartment for sale in Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal?

    Chiado is a beautiful mix of old and modern Lisbon, making it an incredibly desirable area to live in. Changes are taking place, but the ancient city remains the same. Its central position in Lisbon provides the ability to explore everything fully. If you are lucky enough to work in Lisbon, Chiado is the perfect location to mix business with pleasure. Your work and living environment could be side by side, offering you the chance to enjoy all the delights available on your own doorstep.