villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain

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Villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain

Costa Blanca is one of the most popular resorts on the southern coastline of mainland Spain and here you will find lovely Punta Prima. Families with small children in particular flock here for their summer holidays, due to the excellent beaches and its proximity to not one, but two international airports. The beaches in Punta Prima have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status because of their superb facilities and their cleanliness. Punta Prima boasts 320 days of glorious sunshine per year making it the ideal destination if you decide to purchase a villa for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain as a holiday home. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and plays host to over 82 million tourists each year, and many of these visitors invest in Spanish villas.

The pretty promenade sets the scene for afternoon walks or midnight strolls with plenty of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants along the way. Ideally located it offers a safe environment for families as the resort is fairly small compared to some of the other resorts along this coastline. However the benefit of investing in a holiday home for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain is that it’s close to some of the larger resorts which means you can visit whenever you want. The well-known and bustling resort of Torrevieja is a mere 5 km away, just a 10 minute drive north of Punta Prima. Torrevieja is where you can go shopping in the large malls, there is a water park and a whole host of entertainment including water sports and boat trips at the marina. Bars and eateries galore plus lively nightlife with many nightclubs, discos and a casino. If you are feeling up to it you can walk to Torrevieja in just 30 minutes, it’s a delightful walk along the coast, or if you prefer, you can hop on the bus. The advantage of owning a house in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain is that you don’t need to live in the busy city of Torrevieja, however you have all the benefits. Sports fans will be thrilled with the range available such as parasailing, fly boarding and jet skiing, fishing and sailing.

Alicante city centre is only a 48 minute drive from Punta Prima so it’s easy to simply spend the day there, or stay the night and enjoy all that Alicante has to offer by day and night. Great for families and even better for couples and groups of friends who may want a vibrant nightlife atmosphere. Alicante is also superb for sightseeing so history buffs can visit a range of attractions and keep themselves amused. The wonderful Explananda de España is the intricately designed marble promenade which links the marina, seafront and the old town, along the lines of the yellow brick road except the colours are subtle cream, blue and pink. This is why you would want to buy a villa for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain.

There is the Archaeological Museum which shows exhibits from Alicante’s rich history and you can visit the Contemporary Art Museum showing art works from some of the best loved 20th century artists. Keeping a close guard over Alicante city, is the Fortress of the Castle of Santa Barbara and the view point from here offers panoramic views of beautiful Alicante and it’s the best way to see the city as a whole. The dramatic and gothic designed church in Alicante is a must see it’s the Basilica of Santa Maria, it’s the oldest in Alicante. As with most resorts the old town is always the best and most attractive and Alicante old town is no exception. The streets here are steep, with whitewashed houses and buildings and bright coloured flowers burst from just about everywhere. Typically Mediterranean looking the houses have accents of blues and greens and are as pretty as a picture. Homes in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain, for sale allow you to visit whenever you want.

After a morning sightseeing in Alicante, time for a bit of rest and relaxation, so head for the beach. If you decide to have a few days in Alicante why not take a boat trip from the marina, it’s a lovely day at sea where you will stop at various coves and can cool off with a swim. There are excellent sports facilities in the area such as golf courses, watersports, fishing and sailing to name a few. If you are a foodie, the cafes, bars and eateries will tickle your taste buds, serving up authentic local dishes and international menus suitable for all. Shopaholics will give their credit cards a good work out and don’t forget all the markets selling everything from fresh produce to home wares, gifts, trinkets and souvenirs. Overseas homes for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain allows you this amazing lifestyle.

Back to Punta Prima, although it’s not a bustling resort by any means, there is plenty to do and see. Within a 10 km radius there is a super selection of 18 hole-golf courses such as Campoamor, Las Colinas, Las Ramblas, Lo Romero and Villamartin. This is the avid golfer’s haven, and it’s why lots of golfers and their families purchase villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain. It becomes their holiday home or they can make an income from it by way of renting out to other golfers. Golfing holidays are on the increase year on year and Spain is one of the top destinations they visit. These type of holidays are year round meaning villas in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain for sale are a lucrative investment. Anyone for tennis? The Tennis Club is not far away either and is a great way to keep fit.

For those who make the permanent move and live full time in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain, villas for sale are the best option. Lots of space for full time living is necessary, think about it, you will no doubt have lots of family and friends to visit you and who could blame them. Another advantage is there are many excellent restaurants and take away eateries in Punta Prima with many of them open all year round. This is great for the expats and locals who live there and wish to eat out during the winter months not just in the summer season. Investing in villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain gives you a range of living options and will enhance your lifestyle.

Property for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain offers the buyer a charming way of life, lots of holidays throughout the year and a beautiful getaway destination when you need a break.  As Spain is close to the UK you can take lots of long weekend holidays which will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the coming working week. 

What are the villas in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain for sale like? They are traditional in style, in keeping with the beautiful scenery. Sitting in large landscaped gardens surrounded by mature trees and fruit trees with shrubs and flowers it’s a calming oasis. These homes are close to the beach and have Mediterranean Sea views, and just a short walk from shops, bars and restaurants, but far enough away not to spoil your peace and quiet. Walking trails are close by and there’s nothing nicer than taking a picnic somewhere nice, the pine forest is close by. The villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain offer large living spaces with picture windows and patio doors to allow plenty of light in. Large terrace areas are relaxing, where you can sit with a coffee or dine al fresco. There is a garage offering extra storage space and a BBQ for entertaining friends and family.

For those that live in Punta Prima full time there are open fires in the lounge to keep the chill off on winter evenings. The kitchens offer traditional units giving a cosy feeling and the bathrooms are traditional too. The villas in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain for sale usually start from 3/4 bedrooms upwards with private swimming pools and terrace sunbathing areas. Here one can relax in the privacy of your own overseas home in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain for sale in style and comfort.

Luxury villas for sale in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain offer everything one could wish for. Large and sprawling with extensive panoramic views of the inviting Mediterranean Sea. These properties are built to the highest finishes with excellent fixtures and fittings throughout. Tiles or stonework throughout the villa make a wonderful feature. If you are lucky enough to live full time in Punta Prima this is the option to plump for if your finances allow. These homes are inviting both in the summer and winter months.  Beautiful arch shaped coves along the terraces keep the villa cool in the summer and help to protect in the winter. This design is famous in Spain and very in keeping with the landscape and countryside. 

A direct flight to Punta Prima from the UK takes only 2 hours and 20 minutes. The most convenient airport to Punta Prima is Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC) and takes around a 45 minute transfer. However you can also fly in to Murcia International Airport which is only a 20 minute transfer away. Transfers from either airports to Punta Prima can be booked in advance via shuttle bus, a private transfer, private car hire or grab a taxi. You don’t need to book a taxi in advance as there are always plenty outside of arrivals. This lovely Spanish resort is ideally situated and is close to two airports making it easy for foreign tourists and owners of villas in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain to travel there. This is great option for buyers to have two airports to fly in to, to search for their villa in Punta Prima, Alicante, Spain for sale. 

What is the weather like in Punta Prima? It has a microclimate which is ideal and some say even better than a Mediterranean climate. It boasts a wonderful 320 days of glorious sunshine per year, perfect for holidays year round. The weather ranges from mild with a little rainfall to hot and sizzling in the summer months. January is the coolest month and the temperature averages 16°C. The most popular months to visit Punta Prima are July and August where average temperatures in August hit 30°C but can soar much higher. The most daily hours of sunshine can be seen in July with 12 hours every day throughout the whole month.

Why should you invest in a home in Punta Prima? This location is perfect for everyday living, it’s a calm and peaceful location, but everything you need is in the village. If you want the larger shopping malls you can visit nearby Torrevieja or Alicante, and for the avid watersports fan there is a larger variety in these cities also. Cafes, bars and restaurants are in plentiful supply in Punta Prima and many are open year round. Due to the location there are many places of interest to visit and then you can go back to the quiet and comfort of your own home in the evening. 

Are homes in Punta Prima a good investment? Of course they are, super for a holiday home or permanent residence or for an investment property. We are seeing many holiday makers opting to take their holidays in private villas rather than spend two weeks in a hotel. What does a private villa offer that a hotel room doesn’t? Loads more space and bedrooms, usually a private pool with terrace areas and sunbeds and lovely gardens. For most of us its privacy, so we can relax and be comfortable and the freedom to come and go as one pleases. Who wants the all-inclusive deals anymore? Not many! To be able to own your own property in Punta Prima is a dream come true for many - is that you?

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