land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey

Turkey is not only a popular country to buy property in, it also offers plots of land for sale in delightful settings. Most buyers look for beach or country views when purchasing land and if you want a peaceful location to build the property of your dreams, look no further than land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey.

This lovely location is found on the Aegean coast of Turkey, in the sleepy village of Akbuk in the province of Aydin. Akbuk offers superb plots of land which you can buy as an investment to sit on, or to build a fantastic home which you can help design. Are you looking for a holiday home abroad? If so, why not build your own villa, house or bungalow and invest in land in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey for sale and make your dream a reality?

Building land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey, usually starts from around 500m2, 750m2 and 1000m2 plus. The property you can build will then be a percentage of the plot. Building rules in Turkey are strict and whatever size of plot you purchase, you will be told the percentage you can build on. You can then liaise with an architect on the design of your property and the internal layout. Will you opt for a traditional design that blends into the surrounding landscape or will you choose a modern, contemporary design that stands proud?

Akbuk was once a small fishing village and over the years it has grown in to a summer destination that entices foreigners and local Turks. It’s not a bustling resort, however there are a couple of hotels where holiday makers stay. Mostly, it’s a village with a thriving expat community who wants a quiet life with lovely sea views across the bay. Turks who live in the likes of Istanbul and Ankara also have holiday homes here and they like to spend their summers on the beautiful coast of the Aegean Sea. Many of the owners of property in this lovely village, have bought land in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey and had their homes built for them.

The bay of Akbuk is sheltered by mountains of pine clad forests and olive groves and provides a picturesque backdrop to the pretty bay. The gentle waters are shallow and clean which is great for little ones to paddle in safety. The beach is the ideal place for families to spend the whole day and there is shelter from the many trees that line the beach, this is where you can enjoy a picnic. If you prefer to grab a spot of lunch out, don’t despair as beach bars and restaurants, are in plentiful supply here. You can sample rustic Turkish dishes or international menus in lovely surroundings and terrific views. Akbuk has all the usual shops and amenities you would expect, supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, chemist, small hospital, ATM’s and souvenir shops and markets. The Friday market is on weekly and here is where you can buy your fresh produce plus cheese, eggs, fresh bread, household items and clothes, leather good and costume jewellery. Investing in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey land, will introduce you to this lovely lifestyle.

Are you thinking of buying land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey, and building yourself a holiday home? If so, you have the option of letting out your property when you’re not using it yourself. This way your investment can work for you and you can earn a good income from it. If you’re looking to move to Akbuk on a full time basis, invest in a large plot of land at least 1000m2 or more if you can. As you will be living in Turkey, you will need plenty of room and outside space. You will find you will have lots of visitor’s throughout the summer months and no doubt over the winter too. During the winter months the days can warm and sunny with cooler evenings. Yes there is a little rain and sometimes the days can be cold if windy, but otherwise expect mild winters.

Once you have bought your Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey land, you need to decide on the style, traditional or with a modern twist. You can have 3/4 bedrooms with several bathrooms and large living area with dining room. The kitchen can be closed or open plan and in Turkey you will find open plan usually works best, as the light can flow into all rooms creating airy and cool spaces. A spacious kitchen with all the mod cons and bright ultra-modern bathrooms completes the look. Large windows and patio doors open up and lets the outside garden in. If you wish, you can add an indoor gym, hot tub or sauna. Build a garage for extra storage or add a car port. Are you tempted yet by land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey?

Have you always wanted a private swimming pool? Complete with terrace areas where you soak up the sun and simply relax. A BBQ area with seating for dining and add a summer kitchen which is invaluable in the spring and summer. A summer kitchen is ideal as all your meals can be prepared outside and the chef of the family doesn’t miss out when you’re entertaining. Dining al fresco is one of life’s simply joys and you can do this once you have invested in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey land for sale and built your beautiful home.

Are you looking to change your life for the better? This is an enviable lifestyle choice to make, living in the Turkish sunshine. It will give you a feeling of wellbeing and you will feel happier and healthier. Buying a plot of land for sale in Akbuk, Aydin, Turkey and building your own villa, will be the ideal holiday home or permanent residence. Holidays can be taken year round, whenever you feel the need to recharge your batteries. If you’re lucky, you can feel the warmth of the sun on your face, every day!

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