Properties for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey

The Attraction of Buying Property in Izmit

It’s an ideal location being just 104km from Istanbul taking under two hours by car, making Izmit property for sale a desirable investment. A new high speed train service from Istanbul takes only 45 minutes and Ankara is just 3 hours away and both are minimal cost, an extra benefit of  investing in properties in Izmit is that it is served by two excellent highways linking Istanbul and Ankara as a main train and road line. This exceptional city is at the heart of the paper industry, has an oil refinery and is home to other major industries and the port of Izmit is both vital for international and domestic shipping. This bustling city is ideal for city workers and investors who want to buy Izmit property and not pay the higher prices in Istanbul. The centre of Izmit has a great selection of cafes, restaurants, shops and all the amenities you would expect to see in this modern cosmopolitan city. Izmit properties are highly sought after in this up and coming area and property for sale in Izmit offers superb value for money.

    Flights to Izmit are by way of flying into Istanbul to SAW Istanbul Sabiha Gocken Airport. It takes only a 90 minute transfer from the airport to the centre of Izmit. International flights fly into Istanbul airport several times a day and are ideal for locals to visit the area or tourists flying in on holiday from around the globe. Transfers are quick and easy either by shuttle bus, taxi or hire car making your journey a pleasant one.

    Apartments, Villas and Houses for Sale in Izmit

    Property for sale in Izmit is located in beautiful districts such as Bahcik which is only 10km from the centre of Izmit. Bahcik has a combination of blue lakes, green mountains and fields and of course the sea. This lovely suburb is a haven for a peaceful, tranquil and serene environment away from busy Izmit and vibrant Istanbul. Owning your own Izmit real estate affords you the opportunity to own your own luxury apartment or villa in a wonderful area you can use for a permanent base or a holiday home. It is city living combined with a tranquil setting if you so desire and it’s an ideal area for touring Izmit and Istanbul. If you are a foreigner wanting to invest in Izmit property it offers a different type of holiday home in a laid back location with all the trappings of city life. You can choose from apartments, villas or houses designed offering large living spaces with balconies or terraces in only the very best locations. There is a choice of 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, 4 bedroom duplexes or modern contemporary and traditional detached villas from 4 or 5 bedrooms upwards. If you want to take that extra step for luxury then why not, beautiful property for sale in Izmit is luxurious with amazing views of landscaped parks, forest or sea views. It all depends on what you are looking for.

    Attractions in Izmit

    There are numerous lush park areas such as Seka Park giving excellent views of the city and lake with cycle lanes and children’s playgrounds plus cafes and restaurants make a nice Sunday afternoon a pleasant trip out. The residents of this area and visitors alike head to this park at weekends especially, it’s very picturesque and you can spend the entire day there. If you are able to wait until the sun sets it will be worth your while it’s a truly beautiful sight.

    The amazing and beguiling Pembe Kayalar means Pink Rocks are a magnificent rock formation, they are so beautiful that many of the pink rock have been cut and used in the buildings of Mosques. They show their true beauty in these majestic buildings, including the popular Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul. This location is enchantingly delightful, especially as the sun sets over the pink rocks, appear to take on the hues of the sun setting. It’s also extremely popular during the weekend, where you will see lots of admiring visitors sitting on the rocks eating al fresco with family and friends. The historic clock tower is a must see and is very beautiful in design and if you are interested in Mythology and Historical Arts you can visit the Museum and see all the artefacts they have on exhibition. If you decide to invest in property for sale in Izmit all of this and much more can be on your doorstep to explore at weekends and in your free time.

    Owning An Apartment/Villa in the Historic region of Izmit

    The Naval Museum gives a true insight as to how the crew lived and worked on board a submarine and destroyers; it’s a fascinating display of Turkeys Naval history. There is a Science Museum showing a range of geology exhibits plus an insight to how the Law of Physics works. The Yeni Cuma Camii is a beautiful example of architecture Turkish style and is a jewel to be admired in Izmit. This intricately designed Mosque is most definitely worth a visit and in the old town of Izmit; you can find an informative and interesting museum.

    The old town reflects the true Ottoman era; there are many traditional style wooden houses and old Turkish baths, which are a history buffs delight. The charming landscaped garden is like a park set amongst the wooden houses. You can sit a while and rest and enjoy some refreshments of Turkish coffee or tea (cay) and admire the panoramic views of this captivating city. There are English speaking guides available to tell the story of its ancient past. If you have children with you they will squeal in delight at the small zoo which is ideal for children and the nature, flora and fauna plus the wildlife parks are a must see for everyone.

    Izmit is where locals and tourists can relax, it’s not bustling like Istanbul and that is one of the main attractions. However, there are lots to see and do to keep you entertained. Izmit is often referred to as a peaceful town and as its just 45 minutes from vibrant Istanbul it means you can have the best of both locations. Children will love the fun fair in Izmit it’s called the Park Lunasan Eglence Parki and is superb for a family fun day out. There are concerts and shows during the summer months that all ages will enjoy. This fun fair park is a pleasure to visit and is extremely well taken care of and above all clean and well maintained.

    There are numerous shopping malls to satisfy even the most avid shopper, with playgrounds that entertain the little ones in most of the shopping centres; they even have live music playing whilst you shop. Owning real estate for sale in Izmit gives you an abundance of activites and amenities to enjoy, there is plenty to do and as tourists visit this area it enables the property owner to recoup some very healthy rental returns by way of renting their property out. Tourists prefer to rent rather than stay in a hotel; it gives privacy, freedom of movement and space that a hotel room generally doesn’t give.

    Eating out in Izmit is delightful with an excellent selection of cafes, serving good coffee and snacks to restaurants and bars serving mouth-watering local cuisine to seafood’s, steakhouses, and international dishes. If you are partial to Italian, British and American style diners or gastro pubs you have hit the jackpot. Whatever is your favourite cuisine you will be able to find it in Izmit. Nightlife can be chilled or buzzing, whatever best suites your mood. There is a great selection of bars where you can sip on a cocktail, or relax in one of the trendy wine bars and enjoy a good variety of excellent wines. Fancy a dance? There are a few nightclubs to dance the night away or if you prefer you can head to the karaoke bar and sing your heart out. When you own real estate in Izmit it offers an excellent combination of a working lifestyle or a great holiday home you can escape to when you feel the need to get away from it all.

    Property for sale in Izmit offers a lucrative investment opportunity. Not only are the properties affordable they also offer excellent rental opportunities. As the world becomes a smaller place tourists want to explore further afield from the usual cities. These areas such as Izmit are becoming increasingly popular to visit; it’s certainly more cost effective to stay in Izmit than Istanbul. It’s the same as a two centre holiday, you have busy Istanbul and then there is relaxing but interesting Izmit and now more than ever before we are seeing tourists preferring to rent a private apartment, villa or house than stay in a hotel. That’s not to say that the hotels in Izmit are not good, they are, it’s just that visitors often prefer a retreat.

    Visitors, who rent private accommodation, want peace, space where they stay and to be able to come and go as they please. They tend not to want to stick to rigid meal times in hotels, they prefer to not have to clock watch and eat as and when they want to and also importantly to be able to try different cafes and restaurants that they like the look of. The owner of Izmit property can rent their property out either when not using it themselves or in many cases they buy a property only for a rental investment. They can also gain a good rental income from the professionals whom work in Istanbul but prefer to live in a quiet area such as Izmit. Investors looking for good real estate opt for Izmit due to its location and the more affordable property prices.

    Living in Izmit on a full time basis is a superb alternative to living in bustling Istanbul and don’t forget that the capital of Turkey, Ankara is only three hours away. Relaxing Izmit is perfect if you are working in Istanbul but don’t want the hectic lifestyle in your free time away from work. You can easily commute daily in to Istanbul and basically escape from the hustle and bustle each evening and live in a peaceful environment at weekends.

    Lush greenery awaits you, where you can relax and enjoy the parks and gardens and the laid back vibe means you can enjoy your weekends. They will become a haven of peace and it’s a superb location for families to live and you can watch your children grow up in a settled environment. Property for sale in Izmit offers you a rewarding lifestyle and one that you deserve.

    What Do Properties Cost To Buy In Izmit?

    What does your hard earned money buy you if you invest in property for sale in Izmit? There are an array of lovely villages and small towns to choose from, villas cost from £105,000 GBP, apartments start from £50,000 GBP and a typical house will cost from £1150, 000 GBP. It’s just a case of you visiting Izmit too see which is perfect for you, your family and friends.