apartments for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey

The city of Izmit is ideal for professionals and investors who want to buy property for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey and not pay the higher prices in Istanbul. It means they can work in Istanbul, but live in less bustling Izmit, providing a nice home environment. Izmit is at the core of the paper industry, has an oil refinery and is home to a range of major industries. The port of Izmit is both vital for international and domestic shipping. Izmit has a superb selection of cafes, bars and eateries plus shopping malls and all the amenities you would expect to see in this modern cosmopolitan city. Izmit, Marmara, Turkey apartments for sale are highly sought after, in this increasingly popular area.

    What is Izmit, Marmara, Turkey like?

    Apart from it being an important city for business, just 10 km outside of the city centre is the lovely residential area of Bahcik. You would think you were a million miles away from a city with its blue lakes, lush forest areas and mountains. Add in to this sea views it’s a great combination. This delightful suburb is a haven for a peaceful, calm and serene environment away from busy Izmit and vibrant Istanbul. Beautiful parks afford great city views with lakes and cycle lanes plus children’s playgrounds. Cafes and restaurants is where you can grab a spot of lunch whilst enjoying the fresh air. The historic clock tower is a must see and is beautiful in design and if you are interested in Mythology and Historical Arts you can visit the museum and see all the artefacts they have on exhibit. Overseas homes for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey are an exceptional purchase.

    What is there to do in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey?

    The picturesque Pembe Kayalar translated means Pink Rocks are an amazing rock formation, they are so beautiful that much of the pink rock has been used in the buildings of Mosques, including the iconic Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul. This area is exceptionally beautiful, more so at sunset as the rocks appear to take on the colour of the setting sun. It’s also popular during the weekends where you will see locals sitting amongst the rocks enjoying a picnic with their friends and family.

    The Naval Museum gives a true insight as to how the crew lived and worked on board a submarine and destroyers; it’s a fascinating display of Turkeys Naval history.

    There is a Science Museum showing a range of geology exhibits plus an insight to how the Law of Physics works. If you are a history buff and enjoy local history you should consider investing in an apartment for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey.

    There are numerous large shopping malls to satisfy the avid shopper, with designer labels and brand named stores, along with upmarket boutiques.

    A small zoo is wonderful for the little ones to visit along with nature and wildlife parks. Is a holiday home in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey for sale ticking your boxes?

    The Yeni Cuma Camii is a great example of Turkish architecture and is one to be admired, this beautifully designed Mosque needs to be on your to see list.

    Visit the old town of Izmit and the museum there shows the Ottoman era in all its glory with lots of wooden houses and old Turkish baths, are a must see. The decorated garden is similar to a park amongst the wooden houses. A visit to the fun fair will satisfy children and adults alike, it’s called the Park Lunasan Eglence Parki and is perfect for family days out. Entertainment, concerts and shows are put on during the summer months and the park really comes alive during this time. Overseas apartments for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey could be just what you need to enhance your lifestyle.

    Evenings out in Izmit are great, with a superb selection of cafes, eateries and bars that offer mouth-watering local cuisine to seafood’s, steakhouses, and international menus. Nightlife can be relaxed or vibrant, you can find something to suit your taste. This location offers excellent value flats for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey.

    What are apartments for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey like?

    They usually start from one bedroom upwards to two and three. They are light, bright and offer spacious living accommodation. Modern fitted kitchens with open plan living/dining areas with spacious bedrooms, fitted bathrooms and a good sized balcony or terrace that is an ideal area to enjoy al fresco dining. These fabulous homes include, air conditioning, entry intercom systems, smart home technology, dishwasher, fitted wardrobes, Satellite TV System and high speed internet. The buildings are modern and contemporary designs with lifts to make life that little bit easier. If you want something a little bigger choose a duplex apartment for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey, they usually start from three bedrooms upwards. If your family is bigger and you need even more room then opt for a penthouse apartment in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey for sale. These properties start from four bedrooms upwards. They are sprawling with huge roof top terraces and extra-large living space. The opportunity to own your own luxury apartment in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey for sale serves up beautiful panoramic views in a prestigious area. It is city living combined with a tranquil setting and luxury means just that. These properties offer the very best in upmarket living, with first rate quality buildings, fixtures and fittings. Luxury means expensive but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and you certainly get the very best money can buy in luxury Turkish apartments.

    Mostly, apartments for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey are set on beautifully designed complexes.

    There is a fantastic range of on-site amenities and facilities which include outdoor communal swimming pools, indoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, steam room, beautiful landscaped communal gardens, shops, restaurants, cafes and a parking garage, walking paths, Wi-Fi in communal areas and 24 hour security. Finally, there are management services that cater for your every need. Some complexes offer more amenities and some less. It depends whether you want to invest in an apartment for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey on a small and intimate complex or a large complex with lots to do. The bigger complexes are great especially if you have children as they can easily make friends there. When you own an apartment in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey it offers a good combination of a working lifestyle with lots to do in the evenings and weekends. It also makes a great holiday home, where you can escape to when you feel the need to relax and unwind, plus it’s ideally positioned close to Istanbul.

    What other cities are near to Izmit, Marmara, Turkey?

    Apartments for sale in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey make a wonderful base to further explore Turkey. As already stated Istanbul is just 104 km drive away. The busy city of Bursa is only a 1 h 37 min (132.6 km) drive or bus ride away. Both of these exciting cities can easily be reached from Izmit. The city of Yalova is

    58 min (71.9 km) and can be explored on a day visit. All of these cities have many places of interest to discover. They include museums and art galleries, festivals and concerts. Perhaps Istanbul is the most famous city to visit with its amazing range of attractions. The Bosphorus Strait divides the city into two areas, the European side and the Asian side. The Bosphorus Strait joins the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. It’s used for local Turks as a way of commuting, tourists for sightseeing, containers ships, tankers and fishing vessels for trade purposes.

    The old city is full of historic culture and it is where you can visit some of the grand buildings that could tell many a story of its Ottoman Empire reign. If you visit the Sultanhmet area you can see the remains of the Egyptian Obelisks and the Hippodrome from the Roman era, this was where the locals of the time would come to watch chariot racing. The Hagia Sophia from the Byzantine era, features its iconic 6th century dome. The Topkapi Palace was home to the Sultans during the 15th – 19th centuries. Today it serves as a museum, exhibiting treasures depicting their extravagant lifestyle befitting to a Sultan of course. Istanbul is home to magnificent mansions that line both sides of the Bosphorus. The affluent have always lived in these majestic homes and if you are in the position to visit them to see for yourself, do so. They are grand beyond your wildest dreams.

    How do you get to Izmit?

    Flights to Izmit are by way of flying into Sabiha Gokcen Airport. It is only a 75 km transfer from the airport to the centre of Izmit. International flights fly into Istanbul several times a day and are ideal for locals to visit the area of tourists flying in on holiday from around the globe. Transfers are quick and easy either by shuttle bus, private transfer, private car hire or taxi. You can book your transfer from your home before you leave for Turkey if you wish. If you want to jump in a taxi there are always plenty waiting outside of arrivals.

    What is the climate like in Izmit?

    Izmit has a split climate, it depends how close you are to the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. Closer to the coast, the temperature become more temperate. Izmit lacks a sea breeze which can be a refreshing and welcome change. This is why Izmit can be very humid. The summers are dry, fairly humid and warm and the winters can be very cold with some cloudy days. January is the coldest month where temperatures barely drop below 11°C. August is the hottest month with temperatures reaching 31°C but they can climb higher. The best time to visit Izmit is in July and August to take advantage of the beaches. If you prefer to live in a seasonal location in Turkey, apartments in Izmit, Marmara, Turkey for sale could be what you are looking for and provide you with the ideal residence.

    Izmit makes a great base to have a holiday home or permanent residence. If you prefer city living this is a good location offering you the best of both worlds. Istanbul is nearby and you can purchase a property in Izmit for much less than in Istanbul. You are able to visit Istanbul weekly for your culture fix and this is one advantage of residing in Turkey on a full time basis. In Izmit, everything is on your doorstep, step outside your front door and within close proximity, you will find super cafes where you can meet friends for a Turkish coffee and catch up, whilst you people watch everyone going about their daily business.

    Izmit will allow you a comfortable and enriched lifestyle if you choose to live there on a full time basis. If you opt to buy a holiday getaway pad, you can take numerous holidays throughout the year and long weekend breaks. Museums, art galleries, monuments and even beaches are all found there. You decide where you want to spend your eventful day.