Commercial Property for Sale in Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey

Delightful Bodrum is an upmarket resort located on the southwestern Aegean of Turkey. Sitting nicely in the province of Mugla, this resort plays host to foreign tourists, famous faces and royalty, no less. Buyers of commercial property for sale in Turkey, Mugla, Bodrum, have made a wise investment to open their business venture there.

What type of commercial property for sale in Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey, are you searching for?

You have many property types to choose from including: hotels with a private swimming pool, B&B’s, bar, café, restaurant, block of apartments, office space and retail shops the choice is endless and there are many opportunities available. Bodrum is one of the most visited resorts in Turkey, and tourism in Turkey receives just short of 52 million foreign tourists per year. The commercial property market in Bodrum is growing and this is your chance to make an investment in a well-loved resort.
Real estate commercial property in Bodrum investors, can be local Turkish buyers or overseas investors in commercial in Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey. The area is thriving and continuing to grow especially in the tourism sector. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own Turkish business? If so, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity, it could be the chance of a lifetime in this amazing holiday destination.

What is Bodrum like?

The Bodrum Peninsula is surrounded by 32 islets and islands with a coastline that spans 174 km. The Ottomans began their rule in 1522 AD and changed the name from Petrion to Bodrum and the name hasn’t changed since.
One of Bodrum’s most distinctive landmarks both day and night, is the popular tourist attraction of the Castle of St Peter, which was built in the 1400’s. Over time, it’s served as refuge for Christians, a prison, a public bath and a military base. Today you can visit the castle which sits at the harbour and visit its museum, it goes without saying the sea views are pretty spectacular.
On the hillside as you arrive in the resort, is its famous Amphitheatre. This impressive landmark overlooks the centre of Bodrum and was built in 330 BC. It boasts three sections, a stage, an area for the orchestra and seating for the audience. In 1973 it became an open air museum, and in the summer months open air concerts are held here, which for music lovers is a sheer delight. There are ruins galore in and around the Bodrum area and history buffs can have their fill and learn about Bodrum’s fascinating history and culture. The weather is good too with hot summers and mild winters.

What is there to do in Bodrum?

Apart from sightseeing, there are watersports activities at the marina which is within walking distance from the Castle of St Peter. The beaches stretch for 174 km with golden sands and numerous beach clubs which are dotted along the coastline. Quaint fishing villages are found throughout Bodrum and this is where you will find authentic Turkey.
There is a golf course in the local vicinity and more, a short drive away. The marina and harbour is where you can take a boat trip or hire a private yacht and explore the many islands and coves. Shoppers will be delighted with Bodrum’s exclusive boutiques and designer shopping at one of the many shopping malls there. Its hub for cafes, bars and restaurants is localized at the marina giving incredible sea views of the bay and beyond. After dark, you can hit the discos and nightclubs.

Why invest in commercial property in Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey?

I suppose the answer to that is why wouldn’t you? Trading in this marketable location you can take advantage of the tourism market. Sales of commercial property are increasing and highly profitable, whether they be a small hotel with just eight bedrooms or a large hotel with 30 bedrooms, commercial property is in popular demand. Art galleries, craft and souvenir shops make the ideal investment. Kick start your new business in Bodrum, search for the commercial property type you want.
Commercial real estate for sale in Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey, is where to begin your Turkey search as the base for your business. Are you considering buying Bodrum, Mugla, Turkey, commercial property for sale? If not maybe you should, it’s a profitable investment.
Second homes and full time residences sell exceptionally well in Bodrum. Small blocks of apartments with just six apartments, have shop space below are in high demand. Apartments on a complex can have small cafes, bars and restaurants within the complex, maybe even a mini market too. These units make great commercial property and the complexes run to high occupancy from April through to October. Long term residents use the facilities year round especially the mini market.

Why move your business to Bodrum?

Apartments and villas are built to high standards in Bodrum and they sell well. If you don’t currently live in Bodrum, it’s a pretty location and property is highly sought after. If you live in Turkey, this move could be an opportunity of a lifetime to open a business and make a new life for your family.
Overseas investors will reap profitable rewards in commercial property in Bodrum and there are many possibilities on offer. Whether you choose to invest in property, office space, retail shops and hotel or in the entertainment industry it’s a lucrative investment.
Another advantage to running a business in Bodrum is, Bodrum has its own international airport just a 30 minute drive from the centre of Bodrum. This makes Bodrum a resort that families with young children go to for their holiday. A short transfer from airport to hotel or private residence, is one of the factors a family will take in to consideration when booking their holiday break.
Are you searching for an opportunity to make a new life for yourself in Bodrum? Looking to move your existing business there, or start a new venture? Your lifestyle will be enriched and enhanced in this elite resort.

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