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Exploring Spain

Located on Iberian Peninsula, occupying about 85% of the area, Spain is known for music, bull fights, dance, beaches and the sunshine. The Cantabrain Mountains separate the country into two halves, North which is rainy and South which is dry. Three main rivers flow throughout the country which include Ebro in the north east, Tajo in the central Spain and Guadalquivir in the South. It is one of the 3 countries that share the Atlantic and the Mediterranean coastlines. The other two are Morocco and France.

It has been thousand years since Spain has been the cultural center of Europe. The country is filled with old monuments, beautiful towns and cities and the futuristic architecture. The regions in the country are different from each other in terms of geography, climate and personality.

Facts about Spain

Area: It occupies 504,780 Sq Km.

Population: The country consists of 40,341,462 people to the approximate

Currency: The currency accepted in the country is Euro. Formerly, the currency that was in use was Peseta

For the first time visitors, the country can easily become an addiction. There are many people who come with the intentions of enjoying a beach holiday but they end up making the country their favorite destination to enjoy vacations and even do some property investment. The celebrations at the local fiesta to the outclass architecture of Barcelona, the country has everything that can win the hearts of others. There are amazingly surprising attractions located around every corner starting from restaurants in the Basque country, the landscapes of the central pains, the galleries in the north and the visit to the capital city Madrid itself. There is a whole bunch of difference in the culture, language and artistic traditions, politics and social attitudes within the country.

Places to visit in Spain

Barcelona: It is home to one of the most extraordinary architecture at Gaudi, lively promenade of Ramblas, the sandy beaches and the best football team of the world.

Madrid: The capital city may not be as pretty as Barcelona but it is famous for its contemporary style. The carefee bars, the art museums and the summer cafes in the city make it special.

Seville: It is home of the clichés and the flamenco of South Spain.

Bilbao: It is the center of the cultural circuit of Spain and it is famous for its Museo Guggenheim.

Andalucía: It is home of the most wonderful mosques and the Moorish palaces of Cordoba, Granada and Seville.

Most of the urban centers of the country have landscapes. The plains of Castile, the estuaries in Galicia, and the desert landscapes in Almeria are some of the most breathtaking views. Wheat, rice, olives, wine, and fishes are some of the agricultural produce of the country. Beaches fall among the greatest attractions of the country. It was in the 1960s when tourism in the country began due to the attractions.

It was the year 1997 when Spanish property market was converted into a property bubble. Spain lies in the list of top 10 countries that are known for providing the best quality of life. Read More about Spain here.