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Are you thinking of investing in Real Estate in Valencia?

Are you dreaming about purchasing an apartment or villa in Valencia? Are you looking for commercial properties for sale in Valencia, such as office space or other commercial premises? You’ve come to the right place!

The Costa Blanca is the location of choice for many real estate investors, and if you fancy somewhere quiet, then look no further than Valencia. A city of culture and history which is also blessed with natural beauty, Valencia is home to a number of architectural masterpieces including Lonja de la Seda, Catedral de Valencia and El Miguelete.

There are a number of residential apartments on offer in Valencia, which may be the perfect investment opportunity, as not only are they built with excellent build quality, but their great location close to amenities makes them very appealing for holiday goers and those looking to rent.

Here at Spot Blue Properties, we have some of the best properties for sale in Valencia. We have villas, apartments, off plan and penthouse apartments with access to the Mediterranean Sea; adding the lifestyle you are looking for in your dream home.

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We are the real estate broker that will help you with organising the whole process from choosing the best property, to negotiating and completing the purchase. You can rest assured that you will find all of the best properties in Valencia when you use our platform. Get started today. Call +44 (0) 208 339 6036 to schedule a viewing.

Where is some popular real estate in Valencia?

The New York Times, the Guardian, and Financial Times have called Valencia a real estate paradise. Valencia is at the height of its popularity. It has everything to continue to grow economically and be a leader in real estate investments.

Valencia is known for its sunny climate, striking architecture, lush gardens, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and convenient location. There are many different areas in Valencia to consider when buying a property for sale, but the top areas include Alicante, El Carmen, Cánovas & Mercado de Colón, Crevillent Beach Village, Las Peñitas del Cabanyal, El Cabanyal and so on.

At Spot Blue Properties, we understand what our clients want and provide a unique service to fulfil their needs. We offer a wide selection of villas, apartments and houses, some with private pools. Contact our real estate agency in Valencia today.

Types of real estate in Valencia

Real estate for sale in Valencia is available in several architectural styles, including historic buildings dating back to the 14th century. The most popular types of property for sale in Valencia are modern concrete buildings built between the 1950s and the 1980s.

The majority of our property is close to the beach and very close to urbanisation with local bars and restaurants. Local people love socialising and take pride in their community. If you are looking to buy property abroad but don’t know how we can help.

Using our local knowledge, we will find the right property for you. Whether for holidays or permanent living, we can help guide you through the whole process of buying a home in Spain. Here at Spot Blue Properties, we have on offer, a range of exclusive villa, apartment and boutique hotels for sale in Valencia. Choose from a selection of properties in urban settings, on the beachfront and in the heart of the Principality of Valencia’s stunning natural areas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a beachfront villa, a penthouse apartment with a swimming pool, or a country house just outside of the city centre, we have a wide selection of properties for sale in Valencia waiting for you.

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What is Valencia Architecture like?

The architecture of Valencia was influenced primarily by its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The Valencia downtown architecture is a mixture of styles, reflecting the different historic moments that have affected the city in its more than 500 years of history.

Ultimately, Valencia’s Neo-Mudéjar and Mediterranean style architectures are influenced by the city’s long history as a Mediterranean port, and in particular its exposure to Moorish and Arabic influences during its time as an Emirate.

The buildings of Valencia have a number of common traits arising from the rugged geography and the weather, which is usually sunny. Wood is used for balconies, shutters and mullioned windows and brick.

It is sometimes painted in pastel colours, for walls as well as for pillars and columns with mahogany wood used to great effect and detailing wide stairways, entryways and other architectural features like criss-crossed wooden beams called “retejados”.

Also, these areas are sometimes decorated with sculptures and paintings made by famous Valencian’s artists like Benlliure or Mustieles among others.

You can also find Art Nouveau buildings in the centre, modern centres of commerce near the beach area and more traditional buildings towards the mountains. There are also old Moorish quarters near La Alcazaba and Plaza de la Virgen and also in El Ejido, where the city originated.

Are there good restaurants in Valencia?

There are hundreds of good restaurants in Valencia. There is a different style to suit every taste. You can go to a local restaurant or a tapas bar, an Asian restaurant, a fast-food restaurant or the gourmet kitchen of a luxury hotel – you’re sure to find something you love. And as far as the prices go, a meal for two costs on average less than €20. At the most expensive end of the scale, you’d be looking at €75 for two.

What is the culture in Valencia like?

Valencia has a young and vibrant culture. There is a striking contrast between the old and the new, and you can feel this all over the city. The locals are warm people who are extremely nice and friendly to foreigners. Valencia is also a safe city to live in, with low crime rates and little violent crimes.

Valencia is considered to be culturally rich compared to the rest of Spain, and it’s well known for all the major Spanish cultural events. This has been a result of its great location on the east coast of Spain, which is near the Mediterranean Sea. It is home to many sights and landmarks such as The City of Arts and Sciences, Calatrava Bridge, The Oceanografic Aquarium, Los Alcázares beach, and many more.

What are the popular beaches in Valencia?

The best beaches in Valencia are the ones located closest to the city centre. If you want a quiet beach with more of a resort feel, then head over to La Huerta del Valencia (approximately 10 miles of coastline) or Playa de las Arenas (also about 10 miles of coastline). Both have beautiful golden sand and crystal-clear water but aren’t as busy.

If you want a more urban beach experience, there are several nearby that you could visit such as La Malvarrosa (about 1 mile of coastline) or Devesa del Saler (approximately 2 miles of coastline).

The beaches on the east coast of Valencia like Benidorm are the popular beaches which are lively and where you will find a lot of activities like parasailing, cycling, banana boat rides and water skiing. The beaches on the west coast like La Nucia are calmer and more mellow.  They are just as beautiful and carry that relaxing feel and some have shallow caves to explore.

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How is the nightlife in Valencia?

Lively is a word often used to describe the nightlife in Valencia. It appears that this city has long passed the point when you needed to be a bullfighter or princess in order to go out. There are bars and clubs for every taste, from big clubs such as De Ja Vu (where Despinal and Ritmo Y Compás are) and Dama y Obrero (near Central Market), which are very easy to find, to small bars in the old city centre where you have to know someone in order to get in. Valencia’s restaurant scene is also vast, varied and cheap.

The nightlife in Valencia is great. There are various types of bars, clubs, pubs you name it. You will never get bored by the nightclubs in Valencia. There are also theatres, opera houses, and many other places where you can go with friends without spending much money.

In fact, the nightlife in Valencia will knock your socks off. The city has a legendary reputation for its parties and clubbing, but contrary to popular belief, there is more to it than that. Valencia’s cultural side is thriving too with a wide array of independent theatres and cinemas and an ever-growing list of art galleries and museums.

How is the weather in Valencia?

The Valencia region has the mildest climate in mainland Spain. Although the city does get some rainfall during winter, temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees Celsius. There is a saying that, if you don’t like the weather in Valencia, you should wait an hour. As the ocean breezes push clouds over the mountains, each passing will bring a different scene to your window.

In general, Valencian weather is warm. The average low temperature in the summer is about 26 degrees, and the average high in summer is about 34 degrees. In winter the average low is about 15 degrees, and the high is around 19 degrees.

Can foreigners buy real estate in Valencia?

Yes, foreigners can buy real estate in Valencia. Valencia welcomes all investments and the Spot Blue properties are very popular amongst British ex-pats. Even non-EU residents can purchase property in Spain.

The purchase must be made through a Spanish notary, who can help you determine the right kind of property for your needs and assist with all the paperwork. The government used to make it difficult for foreigners to buy property, but the situation has eased considerably.

Foreigners have acquired more than 700 properties since the early 90s, some of which were acquired through investment licenses and not requiring residence or work in a company in Valencia.

Spot Blue Properties is a real estate agency that specialises in the sale and rent of private properties, houses, penthouses and villas in Valencia. We have vast experience in the housing market in Spain and we offer our clients extensive professionalism and personalized attention during the construction process. Browse through our listings to see if you find any real estate property that catches your interest then get in touch.

Is buying property in Valencia a good investment?

Valencia’s dazzling coast has long been famous – attracting everyone from celebrities to families, all looking for peace and tranquillity by the Med. In fact, ask any property owner in Valencia, Spain if it’s a good investment and the answer will be YES.

Property for sale in Valencia is a unique mix of Mediterranean and Spanish architecture combined with year-round mild climate. Fly into Valencia airport and you’ll feel like you’ve landed on a sunny Mediterranean island. Take a taxi to your new home and you’ll feel the impact on the local economy can never cease.

Spot Blue has been selling property in Valencia for over 10 years and in this time, we have helped many people buy an apartment or house in Spain and made a very good return on their investment. Get started today. Call +44 (0) 208 339 6036 to schedule a viewing.

How much tax do you pay when buying a house in Valencia?

As a buyer of real estate in Spain, you will have to pay a range of costs and taxes in addition to the property price. You would either have to pay VAT & Stamp Duty or transfer tax, depending on whether you are purchasing a new property from a developer or from a private citizen.

VAT & Stamp Duty shall apply to new sales (never before occupied) residential property or to commercial property and land plots. This is a national fee, and so VAT is the same in all regions (with the exception of the Canaries, which have their own version of VAT).

Usually, VAT (known in Spain as IVA) is 10% of residential property purchase prices (villa/apartment) and 21% for commercial properties and plots. VAT in new homes in the Canary Islands is known as the IGIC, which is currently at 4.5%.

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The stamp duty (called AJD) is 1% of the price of the purchase, although it may increase in some areas. The purchaser shall pay both the VAT and Stamp Duty and the deposit, if any, shall be subject to VAT at the time of the payment of this deposit prior to completion of the sale. There is no transfer tax due in this case.

Spot Blue Properties has created a helpful online calculator to give you an overview of how much tax you would have to pay when buying your next home.

Why should you invest in property in Valencia?

Some of the best reasons to invest in property here are the magnificent weather, tax advantages, safe environment and thriving community. Valencia is located in the centre of Spain with easy access to both coasts and Portugal. Situated in close proximity to Madrid and Barcelona, it is easily accessible from all parts of the country.

By purchasing real estate in Valencia, you will have the benefit of a permanently increased value of up to 50%. This increase is not only caused by the growth in the economy, but also by the increase in foreign immigration.

By buying property in an area with excellent weather, you will be able to take advantage of spending more time on your terrace or balcony enjoying the climate and nature that Valencia has to offer.

Thanks to the excellent weather many people want to spend their holidays here. Also, for those who already own property here, this means that they have the opportunity to rent their home to ex-pats beginning or returning for their new job.

Why choose Spot Blue to buy your Valencia Property

Spot Blue is a professional and trustworthy real estate agency, covering Valencia and all of Costa Blanca. Our property portfolio covers the whole of the Valencian Community.

When you choose Spot Blue, it offers peace of mind that you are dealing with a professional team with extensive experience in the Valencia Property Market. Spot Blue will ensure that your property purchase is as smooth as possible from the search process right through to completion and beyond.

Spot Blue properties have been carefully handpicked by the Spot Blue team of experts making up arguably the most comprehensive selection of Valencia Serviced apartments, penthouses and villas available on the market.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious penthouse in an exclusive beach-front setting or an elegant classic-style apartment located in a quiet boutique urbanisation, Spot Blue Properties have the perfect Valencia Property for sale to meet your needs.

Our extensive portfolio includes properties within 25 minutes of Valencia and Marbella town centres on the Costa Blanca, so whether you’re looking for a long term or short term stay in Spain, we can get you what you need.

Browse our listing of Valencia real estate properties today or call  +44 (0) 208 339 6036 to get started!

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With a selection of apartments and villas in the most sought-after areas, we make it easy for you to search for your ideal home by location or property type. Spot Blue Properties also provides full property management services, with expert property managers from Valencia who speak your language and are available 7 days a week to take care of anything that may arise while you are overseas.

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