Properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос

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St James is beautiful on Barbados' west coast, and here you can find several breathtaking properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос. This fantastic Golf and Country Club invites you to wake up and enjoy pristine beaches with white silky soft sand and crystal azure waters at your luxurious property in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос. To add the touch of luxury to your life, lush greenery and palm-fringed beaches are waiting for you. In addition to upgrading your lifestyle, properties in Westmoreland, Ул.. James, Barbados will add an exotic appeal, and you deserve this haven in your life.

What is Westmoreland in St James, Barbados like?
Barbados is a tropical island, with Bridgetown as its capital, situated in the eastern Caribbean group of islands. Eleven parishes are split between the Church of Christ, Святой Филипп, Святой Михаил, Святой Георгий, Святой Иоанн, Святой томас, Святой Иосиф, Святой Джеймс, Святой Андрей, Saint Peter, and Saint Lucy. Святой Джеймс, located on the western coast of the island, is the most picturesque and upmarket parish in Saint Michael's parish, the capital of Bridgetown. For those who enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle and everything it offers, real estate for sale in Westmoreland in St James, Barbados boasts stunning sea views. Просто 19.5 км (12.12 миль) to Bridgetown Grantley Adams Intl Airport (BGI) а также 10 km to Bridgetown (6.21 Miles).

The spectacular Westmoreland estate is nestled in exotic landscaped grounds in the amazing parish of St James. It offers both homeowners and visitors a remarkable combination of intimacy, роскошь, outstanding service, and an exclusive five-star golf course, пляж, Марина, and spa holiday destination. Worldwide, high-profile celebrities and discerning people are attracted by the superbly built properties and excellent house location. For anyone with a taste for comfortable living, every desire exceeds Westmoreland, Ул.. James, Барбадос.

What is there to do in Westmoreland in St James, Барбадос?

St James Beaches
Особенно, beach lovers will be thrilled with its pure white sandy beaches looking out over the calm Caribbean Sea to relax and take in the area's picturesque views. Located along the coast of Saint James, the beautiful bays of Payne's Bay, Sandy Lane, and fishing villages are located, and the first British settlement in the 17th century was in an area called Holetown in Saint James. The name does not do it justice, but it has tiny ancient churches everywhere made of stone, and buildings and houses in the colonial style.

Shopping and nightlife in St James
Holetown's nightlife is vibrant and has plenty of designer stores for the keen shopper. Investing in Caribbean houses does not disappoint even the most discerning customer, with all the beaches and sightseeing you can do, once you own a property in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос.

Sailing in St James
The Caribbean racing season's opening regatta is now known as Round Barbados Sailing Week, replacing its former title, the Mount Gay Round Barbados Series. It takes place each January and is the hub for keen sailors.

Holetown Festival
The Holetown Festival is held in Holetown, Барбадос, and February 17, 1627, marks the anniversary of the first English settlement in Holetown. The week-long celebration takes place during mid-February each year and involves numerous activities highlighting Barbados' culture and traditions. Folk singing and dancing, sports and games, street parades, рынки, and food stalls that sell traditional Barbadian cuisine are among the fantastic events that take place.

What property types are there in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос?
There are a range of houses, виллы, квартиры, квартиры, таунхаусы, бунгало, mansions, colonial style homes, and the bespoke villas that have been tailor-made. Real estate for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Barbados offers the buyer a money spinning investment opportunity. Which property type will you select? A small private property ideal for two or something more significant for a large family? There is a great selection to choose from.

What are the properties in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Barbados like?
The properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос, deliver beautifully designed luxury and exclusive properties built to the highest possible standards. In a naturally lush and exotic setting, the projects are set on vast estates, offering a sense of space and independence. Снова, colonial-style holiday homes are prevalent, with white buildings immaculately preserved, providing the idyllic escape to properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос.

The properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Barbados offer one, два, and three-bedroom properties with balconies and terraces with an expansive outdoor living area. In the comfort of the shade, away from the midday heat, it is an idyllic place to relax and enjoy the vast views of the Caribbean Sea. Large living rooms and dining areas create bright open spaces. Если вы хотите что-то большее, large houses start from four bedroom properties upwards.

What are the property complexes like in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос?
In the property complex, there are large communal swimming pools, landscaped gardens with seating areas where owners can spend a pleasant afternoon catching up with friends. The facilities are excellent, with a fully fitted gym and fitness centre, теннисные корты, a swimming pool, and a private beach. You can also take advantage of the estate's Robert Trent Jones Junior premium championship golf course, or if you want to shop for designer labels and well-known brands, they are within walking distance of your new home in the Caribbean.
Set along the fairways, at the 12th hole and the Caribbean Sea, the properties are set in discreet areas, with spectacular views of the championship golf course.

Why should you invest in a property in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Барбадос?
Buying a Caribbean property is a lucrative opportunity to invest in a stunning holiday home or indeed permanent residence. St James is excellent for renting out these types of properties, where your investment can be recovered. The most picturesque of the Caribbean Islands is Barbados, and the properties here are beautiful. For an attractive lifestyle, eternal sunshine, soft white sand, and beaches that give the most spectacular views are all you need. Luxurious properties for sale in Westmoreland, Сент-Джеймс, Barbados offer a lifetime of holidays with friends and family.

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