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Turkish Flights and Air Travel Continue to Soar

New data from the State Airports Management General Directorate (DHMİ) released on Friday shows that airline traffic at Turkey's airports increased by 7.6 percent in June over the same month last year. According to the data the number of passengers also went up by 12.9 percent in June year-on-year, with...

Posted on 06 July 2013

Turkish Airport Traffic Continuing 2010’s Strong Growth into 2011

Anna.Aero has just published a table of growth in traffic to Turkey's airports, and it makes for very interesting reading. According to the data Turkish airport traffic grew 10.8% year on year in January, and 17.5% (why does that number take me back to happier times) year on year in...

Posted on 18 March 2011

Turkish Airlines Doubles Long Distance Fleet with 12 Shiny New Boeing 777s

Turkey's flagship airline is doubling its long-range fleet with the addition of 12 new Boeing 777 300ER aircraft. The first was delivered in a handover ceremony in Boeing headquarters in Seattle, USA. "The extended fleet will double THY’s long-range capacity", said THY Executive Board Chairman Hamdi Topcu, adding that 60...

Posted on 14 October 2010