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Turkey to Clear IMF Debt by April 2013

Turkey is to clear its remaining debt to the IMF by April 2013 according to Prime Minister Erdogan in a statement made last week. “At the present we owe a total of $1.3 billion to the IMF and we will cut it to zero by next April,” Prime Minister Recep...

Posted on 04 October 2012

Turkish Unemployment Rate Falls into Single Figures

The unemployment rate in Turkey fell by 0.9% in March year-on-year, to reach 9.9%. In February the unemployment rate was 10.4%, according to figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute. Unemployment in urban areas reached 11.6%, while unemployment in rural areas was just 6.4% during this period. The number of...

Posted on 22 June 2012

Turkish Unemployment Still Falling Says Turkstat

Turkish unemployment fell to 10.2 percent of the workforce in the three months to February, from 11.9 percent in the same period of 2011, official data showed on today. The number of people unemployed fell by 380,000 people to 2.664 million on a 12-month comparison, the statistics institute said on...

Posted on 20 April 2012