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Tourism from Middle East to Turkey in Focus Part I: Qatar

Turkey is becoming one of the world's most popular tourism destinations. This is understandable given the vastness of the countries cultures, benefits, climates, varied locations and differing climates -- something for everyone you could say. Because of its predominantly Muslim ethnic make-up, Turkey is understandably a very popular destination with...

Posted on 09 October 2009

SunExpress Airline Launches New Route to Turkey

From tomorrow SunExpress the joint airline venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa will be running a new flight route linking the two Aegean shores in the city of Izmir in Turkey to Athens in Greece with two flights per day. Speaking at the inaugural flight into Athens on Tuesday, Paul...

Posted on 14 August 2009

TAV Plans to Increase Turkey Tourism Accessibility – Fingers Crossed for Gazipasa Airport

I just came across an interesting interview with TAV President and CEO Dr Sani Sener on He said that this year the company will be striving to attract Quantas and Cathy Pacific into their airport in Istanbul. Obviously the plan is to open the Gazipasa airpot at Antalya this...

Posted on 02 July 2009

Easyjet commence flights to Istanbul, Turkey from London Gatwick

Budget carrier Easyjet takes off for it's first flight to Istanbul from London Gatwick this Friday, December 12th.  The flights to Turkey will run daily and prices start at a bargain busting £59.98 return.  Easyjet expect 100,000 passengers to fly on the the new route in the first 12 months.  This...

Posted on 09 December 2008