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Strength of Turkish Lira and Taking the Rough with the Smooth

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster week for the Turkish Lira. At the start of the week -- April 25th -- came a Business Week report on the massive rally the Lira was experiencing, hitting 1.40 on the US Dollar, on reports of Turkish economic growth rate matching that...

Posted on 29 April 2010

Turkish Stocks Upgraded to Overweight by JP Morgan Chase & Co

Turkish stocks have been upgraded from neutral to "overweight" by major investment group JPMorgan Chase & Co. The group believes that the Turkish economy will recover faster than most emerging markets in 2010, though Turkish economy minister Ali Babacan's statement that a deal with the International Monetary Fund was on...

Posted on 03 December 2009

Turkey Central Bank Cuts Rates Again, Borrowing now at Record Low

The Turkish central bank has cut the key interest rate even further in a bid to shore up the recent economic upturn. The CB cut rates by a further 25 basis points, bringing borrowing rates down to a record low of 6.50 percent and lending rates to 9 percent. This,...

Posted on 27 November 2009