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American Tourism to Turkey Rising as Hotel Infrastructure Expands

We have covered on this blog, the massive rise in British tourism to Turkey, which has averaged 20% for the last few years and is expected to hit 25% this year as the strong Euro damages the traditional favourites. Tourism from America is also rising, in fact it grew 2.4%...

Posted on 22 September 2009

Turkish Property Prices Up in July

Turkish property prices increased in six major cities in July, according to the most reputed index ran by in conjunction with Garanti bank. The biggest increase was a 3.65% growth in Kocaeli house prices, Adana was a distant second with 1.09%, Ankara third with 0.98% house price growth, and...

Posted on 27 August 2009

Holiday Lettings Pin-Point Property Investment Opportunities in Turkey

Holiday, arguably the world's largest portal for private rental properties around the world, has said that the demand for private rental properties in Marmaris and Istanbul is currently outstripping supply, pointing to a hole in the market that property investors could profit from filling. Easyjet has revealed that it...

Posted on 22 August 2009

Fifth Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix Kicks Off Today

Today is practice day of the fifth Turkish Formula One Grand Prix in Istanbul Park. Though it is not necessarily associated with property, Formula One bringing its prestigious races to Istanbul in 2005 did push property values up in the areas around the circuit. Now the Turkish Grand Prix is...

Posted on 05 June 2009

Istanbul – cultural and financial centre of Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city and the cultural and financial centre of Turkey.  Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black sea and the Maramara sea, Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents - Europe and Asia.  With...

Posted on 11 December 2008