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Colliers Issues Upbeat Report on Turkish Real Estate

Colliers international, the giants of world commercial real estate have issued a detailed analysis of the Turkish real estate market. The overall thesis of the report is that the recovery has already begun, and will continue to gather pace, with strong growth resuming in the second half of 2010. Still,...

Posted on 11 September 2009

Turkey and UK Increase Trade Relations to Boost Economy

Turkey and the UK have signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a joint economy and trade committee. The move is designed to make trade easier between the two countries, and broaden the horizons for entrepreneurs in both countries, according to UK trade minister Mervyn Davies. Davies addressed...

Posted on 25 June 2009

Fifth Turkish Formula 1 Grand Prix Kicks Off Today

Today is practice day of the fifth Turkish Formula One Grand Prix in Istanbul Park. Though it is not necessarily associated with property, Formula One bringing its prestigious races to Istanbul in 2005 did push property values up in the areas around the circuit. Now the Turkish Grand Prix is...

Posted on 05 June 2009

Istanbul – cultural and financial centre of Turkey

Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city and the cultural and financial centre of Turkey.  Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black sea and the Maramara sea, Istanbul is the only city in the world that sits on two continents - Europe and Asia.  With...

Posted on 11 December 2008