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Turkey Talking Energy with Russia

The Russian president recently visited Turkey as the two countries are looking to increase bilateral trade from its current level of $32 billion to around $100 billion. This is an ambitious target, and is largely dependent on the Turkish energy imports. During the first 10 months of this year Russia...

Posted on 06 December 2012

Ground Breaks on 500 Million Euro Natural Gas Plant in Turkey

The ground-breaking ceremony for a €500 million natural gas burning power plant has just been held. The 775 MW plant, which is being constructed by the German power supplier RWE and Turkeys Turcas, is being built in the Aegean province of Denizli and is expected to be operational by the...

Posted on 15 April 2011

Saudi Arabian Minister Meets with Turkish President – likely to Discuss Increasing Trade

Turkish President Abdullah Gül received Saudi Arabia's minister of state in Ankara on Friday. Gül and Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Nezar Obeid Medani had a closed-door meeting at the Çankaya Presidential Palace. This is in return for a visit to Saudi Arabia by Gül in...

Posted on 30 October 2009