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Spot Blue One of the Most Approachable Companies in the Business

Here at Spot Blue we love Turkey and Turkish property so much that we could just talk about it all day. We are a knowledgeable resource on all things Turkey, especially all about buying property in the country, but we are also one of the most approachable companies. Many people...

Posted on 11 July 2009

Turkey and UK Increase Trade Relations to Boost Economy

Turkey and the UK have signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a joint economy and trade committee. The move is designed to make trade easier between the two countries, and broaden the horizons for entrepreneurs in both countries, according to UK trade minister Mervyn Davies. Davies addressed...

Posted on 25 June 2009

Turkey Economy to Start Growing in Second Half of Year – Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch, a leading player in the global financial circuit has said the Turkish economy will start growing by the 3rd quarter of this year, after suffering heavy quarterly losses of above 6% in the first half of the year. Their analysis has led them to forecast a 0.5% growth...

Posted on 18 June 2009

Turkey Looks Set for Early Economic Recovery

It does indeed seem that the worst of the international downturn maybe upon us. I have been cautious about positive news in the past, because it has been easy to dismiss one single positive indication as a statistical anomaly. But right now, there is just too much positive news from...

Posted on 11 June 2009