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Turkey and Armenia Accord: Signed but not Sealed

As some of you will know Turkey and Armenia signed the accords that have been worked so hard on over the last few months. The accords will see relations normalised between the pair, the border reopened, and potentially even trade between the two further down the line. There is still...

Posted on 15 October 2009

Turkey Hopes to Sign Armenia Accords on Saturday

Turkey hopes to sign accords with Armenia on Saturday Reuters has revealed, ending the decades long feud between the two countries, and taking a massive step forward towards being accepted as a member of the European Union. Armenia has been feuding with Turkey because of the thousands of Armenians killed...

Posted on 07 October 2009

Turkey Becoming Known as Force for Peace and Bridge Between West and East

Turkey's presence in the world is growing as it becomes known as force for change and peace within the region and a bridge between the Middle East's Muslim population and the western world. This is making the news now; with turkey reaching out to normalise relations with Armenia, with Obama...

Posted on 18 September 2009