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World Bank Plans to Boost Investment in Turkey

According to a top World Bank executive a new proposed Country Partnership Strategy will generate a considerable amount of investment for Turkey. "The Turkish government and World Bank have had talks in participating in CPS," Ulrich Zachau, the World Bank Turkey director, told Reuters in Ankara. The strategy is to...

Posted on 22 October 2011

These are Important Times in the History of Turkey

These are important times for Turkey, historic even. A Turkey, not only standing on its own two feet without IMF assistance, but looking proficient in, and highly capable of, doing so for the long haul. Of course, negotiations have only been terminated in the past two weeks, but Turkey has...

Posted on 25 March 2010

A Look Back at Turkey’s Economic News Week

This has been a big week for the Turkish economy, and to a certain extent, for the property market as well. Firstly the Central Bank kept the key interest rates unchanged for the first time since October 2008; with the overnight borrowing rate at 6.5% for the overnight rate, and...

Posted on 18 December 2009