Mr & Mrs B, W Yorks

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When we first decided we would like to buy a place in Turkey it seemed such a massive hill to climb. We looked around and luckily we saw your company advertised in the weekend paper. From that moment you made the experience a fantastic one.
When we landed in Turkey in the early hours of the morning after being delayed 2 hours we wondered what we had let ourselves in for. We then came through the arrivals and met Pauline and Miranda who were stood patiently waiting for us with a big board with our names written on it and smiles to match. Bet they wish they had not bothered but not for a moment did they moan they just introduced themselves and made us feel welcome.
We were dropped off at the apart hotel owned by Engin & Miranda and told they would meet us mid morning after a good sleep and a breakfast. The next morning when we sat down with them and showed them the apartments we wanted to see.
I wont bore you with every detail of what they did for us because another tree would have to be felled but just to say that we had the most fantastic week and we bought the most beautiful apartment just outside Fethiye. They showed us so much patience and never moaned when we had to keep going backwards and forwards between the two properties could not decide between and then helped us through the whole buying process when we eventually made our decision. We never felt pressured into anything but they were always there to answer our questions. You promised that no pressure would be put on us by yourselves or by your agents in Turkey. I must admit I did not really believe this but you were right. Not that any pressure would have been needed with all the lovely properties we were shown around.
We are leaving everything in their hands and signed up for their management of our apartment while we are in the UK and going back out in two weeks to check everything is done. They have also introduced us to Marion who will be furnishing our property for us. You name it and they have either done it for us or shown us how to do it ourselves.
I would like to thank you and will be recommending to everyone we meet, your company.
Thank you again from two very satisfied customers who have not only bought a property but made some wonderful friends into the bargain.

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