Mr W, Kent, (Non Buyer)

On my return here to the UK I want to thank you most sincerely for all your assistance in my search for “the ideal property” on the Turquoise Coast. When I visited the Fethiye region your representatives, Pauline and Chris, were exceedingly helpful. Not only did they provide me with a great amount of useful information but they also arranged many viewings of contrasting properties. I think some of these were cleverly chosen because although one or two did not necessarily co-incide with all my stated requirements, they did give me “food for thought” because a quite different (albeit equally attractive) life-style was possible. At no time did your “Spot Blue” representatives exert undue sales pressure which one can often encounter – and which is most off-putting to many people, myself included. Although on this occasion I did not find what I was looking for, my experience with “Spot Blue” was most positive and I would be happy to use your services in the future should circumstances be appropriate. I would certainly have no hesitation at all in recommending you to other prospective purchasers. Thank you again for such an efficient and friendly service. Yours sincerely, Mr Welsh