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Conditions in London in 2018 could suit long-term foreign investors

The negative growth and drop in asking prices seen in London’s luxury property market in 2017 could favour foreign investors buying there in 2018 for the mid to long term, in particular those using dollars or euros, said Spot Blue in January. Analysts forecast that Sterling has little chance of recovery against key currencies, en […]

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Londra’nın ana pazarı için en kötüsü, fiyatlar ve düşen faizler istikrar kazanmaya başladığında?

Signs point to a rebound in the depressed Prime Central London (PCL) pazarlamak 2017, temsilcilerin işlemlerde artış kaydetmesi ve son aylarda fiyatları dengelemesi. PCL pazarındaki işlemler 27 ilk çeyreğinde yüzde 2017 geçen yılın aynı dönemine kıyasla, Strutt'a göre […]

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Weak Sterling driving interest in London, as foreigners find their favourite spots

International interest in the London property is expected to be driven by the weak pound during 2017, countering any negative sentiment about Brexit, according to leading estate agents in the UK capital. London is regarded as stable and resilient, and estate agents are finding that cash-rich buyers from Europe, the USA and Asia are opting […]

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Why the Brexit backlash could be a blessing for London’s luxury property market

Financial markets reacted sharply immediately after the UK voted for Brexit, with the pound touching 30 year lows and global equity markets initially crashing up to 10 yüzde, although there could be a silver lining for the Prime Central London property market. Cast your mind back to 2008 in the wake of the Lehman […]

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Overseas investors remain wary of EU Referendum-induced exchange rate volatility

British overseas investors and foreign investors in the UK are watching closely as we enter the final month before the EU Referendum, keen to pick up signs of which way the vote will go and how Sterling will react against currencies. Since December 2015, Sterling has taken a bumpy downward path from £1/€1.41 to a […]

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Weak Sterling and rocky global markets drive foreign interest in London in 2016

Weak Sterling and rocky global markets drive foreign interest in London in 2016 Sterling’s fall in value since the start of 2016 has made investing in the UK more attractive to wealthy foreigners, according to property firms in London, who report notable interest from dollar-based investors in the Middle East. The safe haven status of […]

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