Turkey Gains Another US Supporter

Türkiye's economic performance and the way it is holding itself of late (becoming a regional power) continues to make it more and more friends in very high places. Economic problems aside, the US is still the world's one true superpower, ve Türkiye continues to bring attention and praise from the yanks in power.

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk is the latest to come out in support of Türkiye, saying in his speech at the 31st Annual Conference of the American-Türk Council (ATC) in Washington, that he has been watching Turkey. Kirk commented on Turkey having tripled its national revenue in the past decade. Turkey's economic gelişme has also made a positive impact on its commercial relations with the United States, dedi. Kirk added that they were working on lifting commercial obstacles between the two countries.

Turkey has played an important role in its region, Kirk asserted before suggesting that Turkey and the United States work together in the Middle East and North Africa.

This is good news for Turkey, because it could potentially mean increased trade with the US, but as long as the US continues to belief strongly in Turkey, it will continue to apply whatever pressure it can for the EU to accept Turkey into the foldthe US believes Turkey can act as a bridge between the west and the Middle East.

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