Can I make an offer on a Turkish property?

Posted on 11 August 2011

Yes. Making an offer for a property in Turkey works in the same way as in other property markets in the world, essentially it is ‘Willing buyer – Willing seller’ Spot Blue will put forward all sensible offers to the seller – whether a developer, builder or private seller.
The offer needs to be put in writing and forwarded by email to Spot Blue so it can be forwarded onto the seller. If the offer is being made without seeing the property, the condition/s of the offer must be considered – is it subject to viewing the property and if so what time frame will this viewing be made? Normally a deposit (refundable or non refundable) will be made to an independent lawyer who holds the deposit until the property is viewed.
Offers can only be considered if the buyer is in the position to complete the purchase. The longer dated the offer, the more unlikely it is to be considered because of the seller losing the sale to another buyer in the interim period.

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